'Colonisation' Class Space Shuttle

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The Independence of Lawyerville at the McDanials Space Center and Museum

The 'Colonisation' Class Space Shuttle is a class of interplanetary space shuttle utilised by the Empire of Douglas Grant Park. It is part of the first and only human spaceflight program carried out by Douglas Grant Park.


The first 'Colonisation' Class Space Shuttle, Independence of Lawyerville was commissioned upon the foundation of the nation. The space shuttle was actually constructed by the inner west council as a piece of play equipment, but it was impressed into service by Cheesit McDanials. The second 'Colonisation' Class Space Shuttle, Fungal Infection was announced in 2021 but construction has not begun.

Operational History

The 'Colonisation' Class Space Shuttle have never seen proper service or taken anyone to space, this could be due to the fact that the space shuttle has no launcher or it could be that it is just a piece of play equipment that has no electronic components which is permanently stuck to the ground. The only successful 'operation' of a 'Colonisation' Class Space Shuttle was when Cheesit McDanials sat in the cockpit and made whooshing sounds for an hour, claiming that it was a 'military exercise'.

Construction and Designe

The 'Colonisation' Class Space Shuttles are constructed of steel beams with rope and rubber on the inside. There are 2 levels on the space shuttle: the cockpit and the bunks/storage compartment. The space shuttle has room enough for a crew of three adults and one small child/Animal. At the top, there are 5 shiny steel balls, Cheesit McDanials claims that these are 'safety bumpers' for 'emergency landings'. There is also a 'Torpedo bay' in the cockpit, but in reality, this is just a slide.


The 'Colonisation' Class Space Shuttle is 'powered' by 4 firecrackers taped to the outside and one desk fan facing downwards.


There is only 1 current operator of the 'Colonisation' Class Space Shuttle:

Former Operators: