Free State of Östruck

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Free State of Östruck
Wolny Stan Östruck
Flag of Östruck
Coat of arms of Östruck
Coat of arms
Anthem: Edelweiss
Seal & emblem
Largest citySzcerbatekstaad
Official languagesEnglish
Ethnic groups
Polish (Majority) Irish
GovernmentUnitary Fascistic-Democratic semi-presidential republic
• President
Thomas Jacobs
Ivan Vichev
Independence from the Republic of Ireland
• Independence
3 September 2020
• Modern state
January 2021
• Diplomacy with other Galway nations
January - March 2022
• Ballinfoyleburg declares war on Östruck, beginning the Two Day War
20 July 2022
• Islamic Emirate
23 October 2022
• Reversion to Empire
29 November 2022
• Östruckan Reich
11 February 2023
• Estimate
CurrencyÖstruckan Mark
Time zoneGMT
• Summer (DST)
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy
Driving sideleft
Internet TLD.ös (proposed)

The Free State of Östruck (abbr. ÖR) is a micronation in Galway, Ireland, led by Prime Minister Ivan Vichev. The nation’s exact creation is unknown, but its current form dates to January 2021. The nation is a somewhat contradictory mixture of fascism and democracy, forming a sui generis anocracy.


The name ‘Östruck’ derived from Central European decent first adopted by the First Empire of Östruck during the formation of the Empire it was said by the Emperor “Östruck shall be an Empire due to our fields, lakes and endless colonies around the world.” Östruck lost its name when the Polo Kalandian Commonwealth came along around November 2021 but after the fall the nation once again had Östruck in it.


Östruck was first established in September 2020 by Marco Hasse as a Monarchy. The early history of the state is largely forgotten or undocumented. Majority of Östruckan history documented from January 2021.


In September 2020, the NGR (New Germanic Reich) was formed, it was a National Socialist state and was the earliest documented predecessor of Östruck, the NGR collapsed sometime in October 2020.

Polo-Kalandian Commonwealth

The Polo-Kalandian commonwealth was formed shortly after the collapse of the NGR, it served as a Dual Monarchy with Marco Hasse ruling over the Eastern Lands (Modern Day Östruck) and a another King ruled the west, after strong tension and a lust for power by the two kings the Commonwealth collapsed the Eastern lands turned into the Empire of Östruck (Monarchy) while the West turned into a short lived republic before getting colonised by Östruck.

Empire of Östruck (Monarchy)

The Monarchist Empire of Östruck of Late December 2020 and early January 2021 was considered by some the prime of Östruck, Marco Hasse ruled as Kaiser of the realm and most the population was content, within its Prime Östruck had 13 overseas colonies, with so many colonies rebellion started in the Western American colonies such as the Arizona Colony, which gave away its lands to three other nations splitting it into four sectors causing the Kalandian Crisis, which led to a state of war within Östruck, heavy anti Islamic Propaganda and meetings with other nations that led to drawing new borders, but till this day Östruck proclaims, that it was a unfair decision that will never be recognise in Östruck. In Early January Martin Malenkov staged a rebellion in the Florida Colony, after getting most of Östruck’s high command involved Marco Hasse put the state in a state of war and exiled the conspirators, in fear of another rebellion Östruck changed its policy to heavy National Socialism and became the Östruck Orderstaad, its politics resembled the SS State of Burgundy in “the new order:last days of europe“, a popular modification for the video game Hearts of Iron IV.

Östruckan Orderstaad

After the December coup of Martin Malenkov the state was put into a state of war, it cut of all foreign contact and became a Police State, not much is known about this period.

Östruckan Theocracy

After the fall of the Orderstaad, and the opening of borders, religion spilled into Östruck, within a week it became the Holy Theocracy of Östruck.

Politics and government

Östruck is a unitary state, under the Prime Minister and the President, based around fascism with democratic elements. Ivan Vichev serves as the current acting Prime Minister, with Thomas Jacobs as President.

Early government

The state has been under a monarchy several times in its history, the latest one being in late 2022.

Prime Minister

The Prime Minister is the leader of Östruck, and conducts most of the executive duties in Östruck. The NÖP serves de facto as a source of power for the Prime Minister.


The legislature of Östruck is the Reichstag, elected by Östruckan citizens. The National Östruck Party holds all seats in the Reichstag.

Political parties

The National Östruck Party is the singular party of the state.

Logo Name Ideology Position Leader Reichskammer
National Östruck Party NÖP Anti Communism, Hasseism, Anti Imperialism, Anti Liberalism, Anti Zionism, Anti Balinfoylish Sentiment, Traditionalist Right-wing Marco Hasse
3 / 9
The Black-White-Blue Party BWBP Traditionalism and Romanticism Right Wing Martin Malenkov
1 / 9
The Catholic Royalist Party CRP Conservatism, Nationalism, Monarchism, Catholicism, Anti-communism, Anti-facism Right-wing Maksymilian Brzezinski.
0 / 9

Law and order

The Armed Forces enforces law within Östruck.


The Östruckan Armed Forces are the combined military of the nation, and are under the Prime Minister as Supreme Commander.


There are several ministries in Östruck, the most important one being the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Administrative regions

Östruck is composed of multiple cities, provinces, colonies, towns and territories, scattered across Galway and Europe.

Flag Arms
Name Area Population Officials
Hedjia N/A 3 County Board members
Henstein N/A 3 Reichskommissar Milosz Hasse
Szcerbatekstaad N/A 1 County Board members
Steinland N/A 1 County Board members
North Cortes N/A 0 County Board members
Lesser Östruck N/A 0 Governor Ivan Vichev
Greater Östruck N/A 4 Governor Marco Hasse
Cortes Islands N/A 1 Governor Thomas Jacobs
Koprland N/A 1 Governor Ivan Panteleyev Vichev
Žlicín N/A 1 Governor Ivan Panteleyev Vichev
Athens N/A 1 Governor Lucius Domitius Stefanus
Reichskommissariat Balina 2km 3 Reichskommissar Marco Hasse

Geography and climate

The Östruckan climate is influenced by its mainland location being in Crestwood and Menlo, Galway, which are the more elevated parts of Galway. The Östruckan climate is mainly wet and cold in winter, and mildly hot in summer.


The Östruckan economy follows a planned model led by the executive branch. State-owned companies of Östruck and of its ally Roscamistan have unlimited access to the natural resources in the nation. Throughout most of its History the Östruckan Crown served as the Primary currency within the Free State but due to its low amount in circulation the new Temerian Oren is pushing it out of circulation.

Culture and media

Östruckan culture is mainly influenced by Eastern and Southern Slavic cultures and Germanic culture, with Irish culture being absent in the nation, uniquely in the Galway Sector.


Christian holidays, such as Christmas, Easter, and saint days are celebrated in Östruck.

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