Ⅱ Parliament

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II Parliament
1st Parliament (Forestria) Ⅲ Parliament (Forestria)
JurisdictionCuria Ninjoa, Ninjasus State,  Forestria
Meeting placeImperial Palace (Forestria)
TermUnknown 2022 – 10/10/2023 (Planned date for election)
  • Republican Party of Forestria : 1
  • Independent : 0
  • N/A : 2
  • Speaker Party : 1
SpeakerUNKNOWN TO 4/20/2022:Elias I, Emperor of Forestria
4/20/2022 TO ONWARD: Madam Elayna

This session of the Forestria Parliament was the most productive in Forestrian Legislative history. It was created during the 2021 December Elections.