12 Minutes war

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12 minutes war
Result Royalist Victory
 Marquette Marquetten Black Army Marquetten Provisional Government
Commanders and leaders
"Blue" The Thief taker general
Units involved
  • Black Guards
  • Thief taker army
  • Strength
    4 2 unknown, at least one

    The 12 minutes war was a three way civil war in Marquette in opposition to the adaptation 2019 constitution fought over a few days in early 2020.

    Anarchist uprising

    after the 2019 constitution was signed into effect a notable Anarchist activist known as "Blue" feeling their attempts at civilly resisting had reached a dead end assembled a revolutionary force in response the monarchist government mobilised the newly formed grand ducal guards.

    Retreat of the Grand Ducal Guard and general conscription

    Soon after the Guards were raised, they were attacked by Anarchist partisans attacked a Guard position who were forced to fall back twice. After the disastrous performance Nada I and parliament ordered the conscription of as many citizens as possible under the command of Daniel Hillard and the militarisation of the thief taker army.

    Early successes

    after general conscription the house militia and TTA saw early success in repulsing the Black Army Nada I was quoted as saying "this war may only last twelve minutes with the way it's been going." however the advance stalled as the black army turned to guerrilla tactics.

    Formation of the Marquetten Provisional Government

    The thief taker army, angered at the general conscription act targeting them for their higher training and having already been alienated by royalist policy declared a rival government officially following pre-2019 political processes, though it was de facto a presidential dictatorship.

    Operation matryoshka

    following the betrayal of the MPG the Royalist government began a defensive campaign under the assumption that the other two factions would fight each other due to the extreme ideological differences as the Black army re-focused on the MPG.

    Collapse of the MPG

    The MPG fared poorly against the Black army and eventually suffered complete government collapse, with the last remnants official surrendering to the black army.

    End of the war

    Following the collapse of the MPG Operation matryoshka ended and the Royalist government started a counter offensive against the weakened Black army. After the black army was caught off guard in a particularly bad situation they surrendered without a fight, bringing to end what would come to be called the 12 minutes war.


    Today the 12 minutes war is still felt in Marquetten culture, and was the primary reason the Thief Taker Army was disarmed permanently.