1st Battle of Seaspray

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1st Battle of Seaspray
Date9 May 2019 - 13 May 2019
Seaspray, Lurdentania
Result Lurdentanian Victory
Lurdentanian Armed Forced Rebel Forces
Commanders and leaders
HIM Field Marshal and Grand Admiral Rory I Rebel Forces High Command (Unknown)
11 3

The 1st Battle of Seaspray occurred on the 9th of May 2019 and ended on the 13th of May 2019. The 1st Battle of Seaspray was a battle between the Lurdentanian Armed forces and the Rebel Union. The battle began over a dispute between the Emperor of Lurdentania, and the then Lady Fiona. Eventually, the ex-noble formed the Rebel Union. Major Lachlan, and Paulie of the Lurdentanian Army defected to fight for the union. The union hen strong and united caused the Emperor called an emergency meeting with the Prime Minister.

The Beginning

Emperor Rory I, after mobilizing the 1st Myrth Infantry Division and the 2nd Myrth Combat Division for battle, began to prepare his troops at industrial barracks. The 1st Myrth infantry division, under Colonel Lord Dries, were prepared to enter into the combat zone. The 1st Myrth division consisted of 5 soldiers. 2 soldiers of the 1st Infantry Battalion, 2 Soldiers of the 2nd Infantry Battalion and 1 soldier in the 1st Scouting and Intelligence Battalion. The 2nd Myrth Combat Division consisted of 3 Soldiers, 2 in the 3rd Infantry Company and 1 in the 1st Supplies and Reserve company under Major Matthew.

His Imperial Majesty, after receiving intelligence that the Rebel Union were entering Myrth, prepared the 1st Myrth Infantry Division for combat. The Emperor, armed with a plastic sabre, and each soldier armed with an airsoft gun, began to loop around the Main Combat zone for a rear attack.

The Main Battle

After the 1st Myrth Infantry Division had circled the Rebel Union, Colonel Dries radio called Major Matthew, ordering him to cause a distraction front on. The 2nd Myrth infantry Division then began to March onto the Rebel Union.

Engaged in combat and morale down, the 2nd Myrth Division began to loose to the increasingly powerful Rebel Union. Major Matthew, worried for the sake of him and his soldiers, ordered for immediate backup from HQ. The 3rd reserve O'Brien Division, Under Lieutenant Marcus, arrived to support Major Matthew. With Major Matthew now commanding 6 soldiers, his confidence in victory lifted, he ordered a charge. The Rebel Union, surprised at the numbers of the attacking force, fell back.

Colonel Dries, ordered his troops to attack from behind, encircling the Rebel union in the center. Field Marshal Rory ordered for an immediate ceasefire.

The Failed Negotiations

Field Marshal Rory, confident he had the upper hand, armed himself with his sabre, and accompanied by Colonel Dries, met with the Rebel Union. They began to discuss a treaty of secession for their land from the Empire. Field Marshal Rory agreed to such treaty, as to end the conflict. Discussion came to a close, however the Rebel Union commander began to act suspicious. While Colonel Dries was taking notes, a Rebel Union guard opened fire, leaving the Colonel with multiple bruises. Dries, knowing his loyalty to the Emperor and Empire, he created a human shield around the Emperor as they escaped.

The Field Marshal/Emperor and Colonel returned to their home lines. Lieutenant Marcus and Major Matthew were briefed on the circumstances. Major Matthew launched the 2nd Division into unexpected combat with the Rebel union, causing the Rebels to retreat back to Colonel Dries forces, where they were captured.

The Ending

The O'Brien Division, over the coming hours had the duty of protecting the prisoners. The Rebel Union officially surrendered to the Forces of His Imperial Majesty. They were trialed and Ex-communicated for 1 year, a punishment which ended on the 14th of May, 2020.