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The Countries United in National Trade, de facto predecessor to the Grand Unified Micronational, was founded in 2008

2008 (MMVIII)[a] was a leap year starting on Tuesday of the Gregorian calendar, the 2008th year[b] of the anno Domini (AD) and Common Era (CE) designations, the 8th year of the 3rd millennium and 21st century, and the 9th year of the 2000s decade.

Marking three years since MicroWiki's foundation, the year spanned two periods in the history of the MicroWiki community, both in the "Foundation Era": "Tallini" (November 2006–early October 2008) and "Foreshadowing" (early October 2008–29 January 2009). 2008, alongside 2009, is considered an historically significant year in MicroWiki's history, categorised for its arrival of several micronationalists and micronations that would eventually pioneer large developments in the community, which would prove influential even over a decade later.

Cesidio Tallini, who dominated 2007, saw his influence vastly decline starting in February, during which newer arrivals, such as Joe Foxon, King of Stigistan, and Daniel Blackburn, President of Danburnia – both members of the regional Hontui Sector – among others, rose forward to the leadership of the community between September and October. Foxon would go on to found the Countries United in National Trade, a predecessor to the Grand Unified Micronational, on 18 October, which quickly gained several member states and became the leading intermicronational organisation for the remainder of the year. Meanwhile, MicroWiki grew to nearly 1,500 articles by the end of the year.

Politics, diplomacy and conflict

The Countries United in National Trade (CUNT) was founded on 18 October by the Kingdom of Stigistan, and quickly gained several member states.[2] It remained the leading intermicronational organisation in the community for the remainder of the year, despite being challenged by a breakaway organisation, the Hontui Islands in Peace (HIP).[3] The HIP was founded as a breakaway organisation on 29 November after Danburnia and Jonnyland left the CUNT in protest after Daniel Blackburn, President of Danburnia, vandalised the MicroWiki article for Stigistan after a personal dispute with the King of Stigistan, Joe Foxon.[4][5][6] Despite bitter relations, the two organisations appear to have been at peace by mid-December.[3] In Kaznia, the Kaznian Revolution occurred on 20 July, and Kaznia later reformed into the Cheslovian Federation on 1 November. Elsewhere, Scientopia was established on 17 September, the Republic of Petorio on 26 September, and the Federal Republic of St.Charlie on 23 November as the successor to the Kingdom of St.Charlie, after the November Revolution led by Alexander Reinhardt.[7] The regional Hontui Sector consisted of Stigistan, Danburnia, Jonnyland and other micronations.[3]


MicroWiki adopted its first logo in mid-2008, and reached 1,500 articles by the end of the year.[2]


Sports was a vital focus of the Hontui Sector. Sporting events that took place in 2008 include the digital Micronational Games[3] and the physical Hontui Premier League, a football tournament.[8]


For the first time, the MicroWiki community saw journalistic publications in 2008, prominently including: The Stigistan Times and Danburnian Article.


Notable micronationalists in the MicroWiki community in 2008 included:

Name / born Image Micronation Role Span of influence
Cesidio Tallini
(10 May 1962)
270px-Hmrdct.jpg Independent Long Island Head of The Tallini Family and Independent Long Island; creator of the Fifth World Council; MicroWiki editor November 2006–15 October 2008
Joe Foxon
(31 March 1994)
Joe Foxon, 2008.jpg Flag of Stigistan.jpg Stigistan King of Stigistan; founder of the Countries United in National Trade October 2008–March 2009
Daniel Blackburn
(12 April 1994)
Daniel Blackburn (depiction) on the 50 Danburnian dan.jpg Danburnian flag.jpg Danburnia
Flag of Stigistan.jpg Stigistan
Leader of Danburnia; Stigistani politician October 2008–January 2009(?)


Notable micronations in the MicroWiki community in 2008 included:

Micronation Flag Foundation Span of influence
Stigistan Flag of Stigistan.jpg 17 October 2008 18 October 2008–c. mid-2009
Danburnia Danburnian flag.jpg 8 November 2008 November 2008–c. January 2009
Cheslovian Federation (formerly Principality of Kaznia) Kaznian flag.jpg
Jonnyland c. 13 November 2008
Tozland (formerly Land of Toz Boz)[9] Flag of Tozland.jpg 17 November 2008 November 2008–c. January 2009
Scientopia N606867833 910777 3952.jpg

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