2009 Erusian Political Crisis

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The 2009 Erusian Political Crisis began on July 4th 2009 when the Erusian National Communist Party, the ruling political party in the Democratic People's Republic of Erusia, went against the terms of the 2nd National Constitutin and unilaterally expelled the four Independent Communist Party - Democratic Front legislators elected to the National People's Assembly of Erusia during the General Election two days earlier, instead appointing four additional ENCP members to their seats. Shortly thereafter the ruling Communist Party declared that it was "preparing to abolish the multi-party democratic system" and in its place establish a "single-party democracy in which the People will exercise their revolutionary will through the organs of the State and the [Erusian National Communist Party], which shall become the only legal political party in all Erusia". A meeting of the Assembly has been called for 3:30pm UTC and it is believed that a constitutional reform act to iniate these changes will be brought into effect.

The unilateral decision by the Communist Party has sparked outrage among Democratic activists who claim the decision is absolutely illegal and unconstitutional, with Erusia being a free multi-party democracy and election results being legally binding by the constitution. The ENCP asserts its decision is "entirely within the terms of the constitution" and that it is "merely exercising its power as the People's revolutionary vanguard and guiding figurehead of the People's Revolution". According to the ruling Communists, a single-party democracy will be more representative and balanced than the current system, with elections for the Assembly in future being held by Single Transferable Voting instead of by the modified d'hondt method currently used. After two sessions, the Assembly formally approved the proposal, banning all other political parties and bringng the State under the total control of the ENCP.

Intermicronational response

  • Cheslovian Federation: The Cheslovian Federation was the first to respond to Erusia's actions, the Federal Government of Cheslovia is surprised at Erusia's decision to abolish all other parties and to establish a single party state. However, Cheslovia supports Erusia's decision stating that "Their government system is designed to be totalitarian, because of this, the Federal Government of Cheslovia believes that Erusia will cope just as well as it did before".