IMTO election, 2012

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2012 IMTO Election
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Secretary-General of IMTO
Candidate John Gordon Casey Hamlin Adam Smith Darkovar Neconstantianeski
Micronation Sakasaria Hamlinian Republic Kinsovea Domanglia
Popular Vote (%) 44% 25% 19% 12%
Count 7 4 3 2

The 2012 IMTO Election was an election to replace Alexander Eastwood as Secretary-General of IMTO after Eastwood's ousting in a vote of no confidence. Four candidates ran in the election, Premier of the Greater Sakasarian Socialist Republic John Gordon, President of the Hamlinian Republic Casey Hamlin, Darkovar Neconstantianeski, and Kinsovea's Adam Smith. The election ended on January 16, 2012 with John Gordon winning with seven votes.

Departure of Eastwood

On January 14, 2012, Alexander Eastwood lost the support of the IMTO in a vote of no confidence, and was thus ousted from his position. Immediately after the vote, candidates appeared to take Eastwood's place as secretary general. Four candidates, Gordon, Hamlin, Neconstantianeski and Smith announced their intentions to run, all of them running on a platform of new membership standards and reforms to help the IMTO.

The Election

Voting began on January 15, 2012. All four original candidates made the ballot. Most people did little to non campaigning for the event after a lack of need was seen. After the results came in a day early on January 16, 2012, Gordon was declared Secretary-General. Hamlin, the runner up, immediately sent Gordon a message of congratulations.