2014 New South Scotland crisis

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2014 New South Scotland crisis
Date 22 May - 3 June 2014
Location New South Scotland
Result  • Administration of New South Scotland granted to Zealandia, with Austenasian sovereignty retained;
 • Nya Skåne Canton established in Zealandia.
Commonwealth of Zealandia  Empire of Austenasia (after 2 June)
Queen Astrid
Pingu Pikaviksson
General Axeris Rödsson
Austenasia Emperor Jonathan I

The 2014 New South Scotland crisis took place in late May and early June 2014 as a result of the Zealandian monarch Queen Astrid ordering her military to invade the nearby Austenasian Crown Dependency of New South Scotland. Zealandia gave a false version of events to the Austenasian government, saying that Astrid had been threatened by military leaders with being deposed if the invasion was not allowed. The crisis was resolved with an agreement recognizing Austenasian sovereignty over New South Scotland and Zealandia being allowed administration of the same, governing it as a part of the new Nya Skåne canton.


On 19 November 2012, New South Scotland was established as a colony of New Wessex and was ceded to Austenasia on 20 January 2013 by Declan I upon the accession of Jonathan I to the Austenasian Throne. On 25 January of that year, the Emperor made New South Scotland a Crown Dependency administered by Queen Astrid of Zealandia as Governing Commissioner. Before the original New Wessaxon annexation, the land was part of Australia, but the area was often frequented by Zealandian nationals, who have been claimed to feel a historical connection to the territory; Queen Astrid has claimed that issues involving the control of New South Scotland, which is known in Zealandia as Nya Ystad (New Ystad) had been "a political flashpoint for quite some time" in Zealandia.


On 22 May 2014, General Axeris Rødsson of the Zealandian Defence Force (ZDF) was ordered to start the invasion of New South Scotland within a day. In the midst of this crisis, Astrid misinformed Austenasian leaders of the situation, describing it as a rebellion of the ZDF, warning that she could not "command [her] army's ambitions any longer."

In response to this threat, the Austenasian and Zealandian governments negotiated an agreement by which use of half of New South Scotland would be granted to the ZDF in exchange for the force's annexation of new territory for the Crown Dependency. An area known as the Touchwood Forest was chosen by Astrid for the new Austenasian annexation.


International reaction

Support for Austenasia

  • Ashukov Federation: Brooklyn Hewitt, Ashukov Minister for Foreign Affairs, denied Zealandia's right to New South Scotland, saying it "has never, isn't, and never will be Zealandian." He stated that Ashukovo would "stand with Austenasia, no matter what."
  •  Kingdom of Überstadt: King Adam I condemned Zealandian actions, saying that he "call[ed] upon Her Majesty [Astrid] to remove her forces from New South Scotland and return the same to civilian rule at the soonest possible time."
  • Algasia: President Aiden Hogg expressed his government's support of Austenasia, offering "any diplomatic support available to ending this whole matter."