2017 Wallenian general election

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2017 Wallenian general election

April 2017

All 10 in the Citizens Council
7 seats needed for a majority
  First party
Leader Mckeiten Ysberger
Party Nonpartisan
Seats won 10
Seat change 10
Popular vote 15

The 2017 Wallenian general election was the first general election to be held in Wallenia

The election saw 10 independents elected from a total of 12 candidates. Mckeiten Ysberger was elected as the countries 3rd Grand Governor

Dates of election

The first general election was held on April 2017 At this period elections did not take place at the same time and there was little to no campaining. The votes where based on personal loyality. the votes where conducted with voice voting The returning officer in each constituency announced the results of the election in the evening