2019 Aswingtonian general election

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Aswingtonian general election, 2019

← Jan. 2019 15 December 2019 2020 →
Nominee Juan Cisneros Babou Chkaya
Party UPF Jx
Popular vote 4 3
Percentage 57.14% 42.86%

President before election

Juan Cisneros

Elected President

Juan Cisneros

General elections were held in the Republic of Aswington on December 15, 2020. Voters elected the President and the five members of the National Assembly. It was the first time the President and the members of the parliament are elected at the same time.


On 12 October, the Aswington government announced the call for general elections in the country. Although no specific date has been given, it was announced that they would be held in mid-December.

On 1 December, the date of the elections was announced. These would be held on 15 December.[1]

Electoral System

The President of the Republic is elected by first-past-the-post system. The candidate who gets the most votes wins the election.

Members of the National Assembly are elected with party-list proportional representation. Seats are allocated to political parties using the D'Hondt Method, based on the number of votes obtained by each political party.

Campaign and Candidates

United Progressive Front

Electoral poster of the United Progressive Front

After launching separate candidacies, the Progressive Party and the New People's Party formed a joint list on 15 November. This list includes as head of the list Juan Cisneros and Noah Woodgeard. On the same day, the United Progressive Front coalition was formed to support Juan Cisneros candidacy for the Presidency of Republic. On 6 December, the coalition presented its electoral program, focused on diplomatic, social, cultural and environmental issues.[2]

Juan Cisneros
Noah Woodgeard


Electoral poster of Juntos

The Juntos coalition presented its list of candidates in November. As head of the list is Babou Chkaya, then Ivanna Minaïeva, María Fabré and Adélia Cerdan. In turn, the party presented Babou Chkaya as a presidential candidate. On 5 December, the coalition presented a electoral four-point program, called Six Months of Governance, aimed at rapid integration into Nova-Occitania.[3]

Babou Chkaya
Ivanna Minaïeva
Maria Fabré
Adélia Cerdan


The National Electoral Commission announced the results in the early morning of December 16. In them, Juan Cisneros won the election for a new presidential term, while the Together Party party obtained an absolute majority in parliament. The United Progressive Front, a small coalition of pro-government parties, only won a seat.


Party Candidate Votes %
United Progressive Front Juan Cisneros 4 57.14
Juntos Babou Chkaya 3 42.86


Party Votes % Seats +/–
Juntos 5 71.43 4 New
United Progressive Front 2 28.57 1 New
Against all 0 0.00 - -
Invalid/blank votes - - - -
Total 7 100.00 5 -
Registered voters/turnout - - - -
Source: Aswington Post


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