2019 GUM Birmingham Summit

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2019 GUM Birmingham Summit
Date 28 June 2019
Site University of Birmingham, Birmingham, United Kingdom
Attendees 12
Previous summit MicroCon 2017
Next summit MicroCon 2019

The 2019 GUM Birmingham Summit, also known as the GUM Birmingham Summit 2019, 2019 GUM Summit or simply the Birmingham Summit, was a gathering of micronationalists hosted by the Grand Unified Micronational. With 12 attendees, it was the largest gathering of micronationalists in the United Kingdom since PoliNation 2012.[1] This was a summit hosted by the Grand Unified Micronational, however non-member states were also allowed to attend.[2]

The summit took place on 28 June 2019[3] in Birmingham, England, in the Guild Council Chamber at the University of Birmingham, and was organised by Emperor Adam I of Adammia, who was Chair of the Grand Unified Micronational at the time.

The summit was attended by Adam I and Lady Hermione Peace, his Minister of National Development from Adammia. Austenasia was represented by Emperor Jonathan I, Lundenwic by Lord Mike Lewis, Westarctica by Dr Kim Bryan and her sister, and New Westphalia by Lord Daniel Morris. Also in attendance were five officials from Essexia, three of whom each also represented another GUM member state (Gradonia, Aspen Empire, and Quebec respectively).


Lord Mike Lewis giving a short presentation about the Imperial Grand Duchy of Ludenwic

The summit saw presentations by attendees, as well as open discussions on law enforcement, international organisations, and economics.[4]

The summit was also used as an occasion for the signing of the Edgbaston Convention, a treaty aiming to ensure higher standards of accuracy in regards to the sometimes vague or frivolous claims made in the community of small nations. The opportunity was held to hold only the second in-person Quorum meeting of the GUM in history. The first had been held at the Tate Modern in July 2012, the day following PoliNation; Jonathan I is the only person to have been present at both. This in-person Quorum was primarily a ceremonial event, but did vote to refuse one membership application and to expel an observer state which was deemed "unprofessional".

The summit ended with the playing of national anthems. It was planned that a similar summit would be held next year, but these plans were dropped due to the 2020 coronavirus pandemic.


Nation of origin Name Representing Position Notes
 Adammia HIM Emperor Adam I  Adammia Emperor of Adammia Chair of the Grand Unified Micronational
Lady Hermione Peace Minister of National Development Took the group photograph in her capacity as Emperor Adam's Director of Communications.
 Austenasia HIM Emperor Jonathan I  Austenasia Emperor of Austenasia Associate Justice of the Grand Unified Micronational. Assisted Adam I with running the event and co-chaired several discussions as the second-most senior GUM official present.
 Commonwealth of Essexia Emperor Terry I  Commonwealth of Essexia Monarch of Essexia
?? ??
Lord Matthew  Kingdom of Aspen Minister of the Interior of Essexia
Lord Jack  Kingdom of Gradonia Minister of Foreign Affairs of Essexia
Lord Jamie Second Kingdom of Quebec First Minister of Essexia
 Westarctica Dr. Kim Bryan  Westarctica Consul of Westarctica to the United Kingdom
?? N/A Sister of Dr. Bryan
 Imperial Grand Duchy of Lundenwic Lord Mike Lewis  Imperial Grand Duchy of Lundenwic Prime Minister of Lundenwic
 Republic of New Westphalia Daniel Morris  Republic of New Westphalia President of New Westphalia

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