2019 Kapresh coup d'état attempt

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2019 Kapresh coup d'état attempt
LocationOak Forest
DateOctober 2019
TargetKapresh Royal Family
MotiveTo take control over the Empire of Kapreburg

The 2019 Kapresh coup d'état attempt was an attack that was planned to be executed by Ayden Coleman and another Kapresh citizen, largely in a joking manner. The plan involved murdering Jackson I on 31 October 2019. These plans had reached Jackson I before the assassination attempt was carried out. It has been theorized that the two suspects were serious about finding a way to seize power in Kapreburg, despite the fact that they were not willing to actually murder Jackson I.

Previous assassination attempt

On 7 October 2019, Jackson I was leaving the lunch room while in school, when Coleman attempted to pull him back and stab him with a mechanical pencil. Jackson I was able to push back Ayden's arm and avoided being stabbed.