2020 MicroWiki@Discord administrative protests

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'MicroWiki@Discord Administrative Protests of 2020
Date16 Februrary 2020 - March 2020
Cafe Dullahan channel, MicroWiki@Discord
Status Finished
Tough Organisation of Elite Stuff
not including Cole Baird
The 18%
Council of 18
MicroWiki@Discord members
MicroWiki@Discord administration
MicroWiki@Discord members
Commanders and leaders
Leon Montan
Zabëlle Skye
Max Baez
Sertor Valentinus
Jayden Lycon
Nicholas Randouler
Nicolás Millán
Daniel Lee
Corvin I
Ashley Jaax
Abrams I
Aaron Green
Christina I & II

The MicroWiki@Discord Administrative Protests of 2020, also known as The 18% Movement and Occupy Cafe Dullahan was a protest that began on 16 Februrary 2020, in the Cafe-Dullahan channel in MicroWiki@Discord.


On 14 February 2020, Corvin I put out a suggestion to divide the entertainment and music channels and Zabëlle Skye suggested that administrators make an official response if something hits 8 reactions. On 16 February 2020, numerous Microwiki users changed their nicknames to reflect on the so-called '18%' active users on the server. The most commonly used was '! We are the 18%', however others such as '!UP THE 18% BOIS', '18% or bust' and others were used. In addition, the Tough Organization of Elite Stuff released a statement, condemming the administrators and requesting that Zabëlle Skye be promoted to the role of administrator.[1]


On 17 February 2020, it was announced by an admin that a list was being made of individuals who had partaken in the protests via spam and that a suitable punishment was currently being considered. Three users were eventually banned. The Council of 18 was a group created and led by Leon Montan on 17 February in order to unify the movement. According to the administration, the movement gave Smith a negative view, which resulted in his planned promotion to an administrator being delayed by two months until 1 May in order to not satisfy the protesters. Another request which was by TOES read; "Jayden Lycon as Wiki Patroller and Discord Moderator", which Lycon did become a patroller several months after the movement on 20 September.