2020 Riveri presidential election

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2020 Riveri presidential election

17 October 2020 2021 →
Nominee Benjamin Olson Renzo Wessels
Party Green Centre Democrats
Alliance Riveri Unity
Home state Picklesine Logastan
Popular vote 10 1
Percentage 90.9% 9.1%

Presidential election results map. Green denotes republics won by Pickles.

President before election

Position established

Elected President

Benjamin Olson

The 2020 Riveri presidential election will take place on 17 October 2020, as outlined in the constitution of the West River Confederation. It was won by Benjamin Olson, a member of the West River Greens.


The West River Provisional Council opened candidacy filings for the election the day the constitution was ratified. Benjamin Olson, a member of the council, declared his candidacy and requested that others did not run, in order to demonstrate national unity. He received endorsements from other members of the West River Greens, as well as leading figures on the Riveri right-wing.


Candidate name
and political party
Political office(s)
Benjamin Olson (13)
West River Greens
Benjamin Pickles Member of the West River Provisional Council
Renzo Wessels (13)
Centre Democrats
Renzo Wessels Leader of the Centre Democrats


Candidate Party Result
Votes %
Benjamin Olson Greens 10 90.9%
Renzo Wessels Centre Democrats 1 9.1%
Popular vote