2020 Silofaisan Chamber of Delegates election

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2020 Silofaisan Chamber of Delegates election

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All 9 seats in the Chamber of Delegates
5 seats required for a majority
5 seats needed for a majority
  Majority party Minority party Third party
Leader Avro Keatings[2] Caleb F. N/A[1]
Party Unity and Progress Party (Silofais) Progressive Party (Silofais) Independent
Leader's seat South Kansas City Western Plains N/A
Last election 3 seats, 33.3%[3] 2 seats, 18% 4 seats, 36%
Seats won 3 2 4

The 2020 Silofaisan Chamber of Delegates election will take place on July 11, 2020, at which the entire Chamber will be re-elected among each and every national electoral district. It will be the first general election of the National Assembly to occur under the Constitution, though special elections for vacancies in the Chamber have already taken place.

The Constitution requires that, following constitutional ratification, the first full election to the Chamber of Delegates should occur in the first year "divisible by five"[4] - or, in other words, 2020. As a result, it will coincide with the presidential election of the same year.

As of 2017, there are nine Delegates from three districts; however, because the number of Delegates and the delimitation of their constituencies are fixed by statute, this may change by 2020.


The Chamber of Delegates was elected for the first time during the second convention to ratify the Silofaisan constitution. Since then, and following the promulgation of the Elections Act of 2017, two parties have materialized: the Unity and Progress Party, led by President Horatio Eden, and the Progressive Party, led by Delegate Caleb F.

Only the UPP has earned formal legal recognition and therefore may endorse candidates and be put on the ballot, as the Progressive Party does not curently have enough bona fide members.


Current state of play

Five seats required to have a majority
3 2 4
Unity and Progress Progressive Independent

At the moment, the Unity and Progress Party have the single largest partisan representation in the Chamber of Delegates, with three seats out of nine or 33.3%. The Progressive Party, a legally unofficial partisan grouping, has two seats, 18%, making it the second largest party; however, the largest political grouping in the Chamber is the independent bloc, made up of four members who have not chosen a party to side with or formed their own.


  1. A plurality of the members of the Chamber are independent, and therefore do not answer to a party leader.
  2. Legislative leader of the party, as Speaker of the Chamber. Horatio Eden is the Foreman of the party.
  3. All delegates were elected during the second convention to ratify the Constitution. This is the first election under the Constitution.
  4. Constitution of Silofais, Art. XXIX, §3 (accessed September 3rd, 2017).