2021 Apachiland Presidential Election

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2021 Apachan Presidential Election
8–10 April 2021
Candidate Jack Cooper William Neale
Party Apachan Conservative Party Apachan Imperial Party
Popular vote 9 1
Percentage 90% 10%

The 2021 Apachan Presidential Election took place between the 8 and 10 April 2021. It was the first presidential election since the 2020 Constitutional Crisis, making it the first presidential election since Apachiland became a republic.

It saw the incumbent president Jack Cooper, of the Apachan Conservative Party, face a challenge from William Neale, of the Apachan Imperial Party.


After the abdication of King Apache I in May 2020, it was decided by the Apachan Parliament that a caretaker government would help set up a Republic, with an election being held the next year on 8 April 2021. This caretaker government decided to appoint Jack Cooper as the President for the period until the election occurred.


Jack Cooper's Campaign was the first to start on 4 March 2021, he campaigned on his achievements during the caretaker government, such as bringing Apachiland back into the spotlight, its signatures on treaties and its role in Micronational Organisations. His main policies involved continuing Apachiland's involvement in Micronational Organisations and Treaties.

William Neale's Campaign began the next day, he was critical of Cooper's policies, saying they were "empty promises of things that don't matter". He promised to attract more citizens, double the size of the Apachan Parliament from 10 to 20 and be more selective and rigorus with foreign policy, arguing that if everyone is friends then nobody is.

Voting Process and Results


The polls opened at 12:06 GMT on the 8th April 2021, and would close at 12:06 GMT on the 10th April 2021.

The Results

The results were released to the public at 15:00 GMT on the 10th April 2021, with Jack Cooper winning a landslide with 90% of the votes cast, whilst William Neale only managed to get 10% of the votes.

Popular Vote

Reactions and Aftermath


Soon after the publishing of the results, congratulations came in from several Apachan Citizens, including William Neale, and the exiting Vice President Angus Dunn.

This was followed by foreign delegates from embassies and Micronational Organisations.

The Vice Presidency

The position of Vice President is not elected, rather it is appointed by the President upon his ascension to the presidency. It was immediately reported by multiple media outlets in the nation that the incumbent vice president, Angus Dunn, was expected to resign his position in favour of someone else.

Shortly after the results were published, it was reported that Angus had sent a letter to the President, requesting that he be released from the position, in favour of someone from the President's own party.

On the 11th April 2021 it was announced that Mac Gallagher would be the 2nd Vice President of Apachiland.