2021 Austenasian general election

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September 2021 Austenasian general election

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Turnout64.4% ( 10.2 pp)
  William Wilson.png Addison OHalloran.jpg
Nominee Lord William Wilson,
Count of Oribrazos
Lady Addison O'Halloran,
Baroness of Blue Ridge
Party Arete Alliance
Home state Nahona Blue Ridge
Popular vote 36 11
Percentage 76.6% 23.4%

2021 Austenasian election results by Town.png
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Prime Minister before election

Lord John Gordon

Elected Prime Minister

Lord William Wilson

The September 2021 Austenasian general election was the seventh general election in the Empire of Austenasia, and took place on 17 September 2021 to elect the Prime Minister of Austenasia. Incumbent Prime Minister Lord John Gordon did not seek re-election.


Prior to the election, incumbent Prime Minister Lord John Gordon had been experiencing increasing demands in terms of time due to his service in the British Army, which fueled speculation that he may not for re-election or resign early. In a telephone call to Jonathan I, Emperor of Austenasia, both Lord Gordon and the Emperor expressed approval of an early general election in response to the recent proposition of the Authorization of General Election Act 2021[1], furthering speculation that he wished to step down. The General Election Act 2021 was passed by the Parliament of Austenasia on 13 July.

Lord Gordon announced shortly after the Act's proposal that he did not wish to stand for re-election as Prime Minister of Austenasia.

General election


Poster released by the Wilson campaign.

Lord Wilson kicked off campaigning by releasing his campaign website[2] and Lady O'Halloran would release her respective website two days later on 22 August[3]. Lord Wilson would also later release a campaign video[4], the first in a series of four[5], on 28 August 2021.


Lord William Wilson


Foreign heads of state

Lady Addison O'Halloran

Foreign heads of state


Constituency Turnout Lord William Wilson,
Count of Oribrazos
Lady Addison O'Halloran,
Baroness of Blue Ridge
Wrythe 100% 2 2
Palasia (and Caldari) 100% 6 0
Chalcedon 0% 0 0
Nahona (and Campo de Jonatán) 100% 5 0
North Nahona 100% 3 0
Procyon 100% 1 1
Blue Ridge 100% 0 3
New Flat Rock 100% 4 0
Oppidum Tubae 100% 1 0
Non-residential subjects 48.72% 14 5
Total 64.4% 36 11


Arete Party

2021 Arete Party ticket

Lord William Wilson
for Prime Minister
William Wilson.png
Representative of Nahona
Deputy Prime Minister of Austenasia
Wilson2021 logo.svg

Alliance Party

2021 Alliance Party ticket

Lady Addison O'Halloran
for Prime Minister
Addison OHalloran.jpg
Representative of Blue Ridge
Addison for PM logo.png


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