2021 Brennonian legislative election

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2021 Brennonian legislative election

21 November 2021 next →
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This lists parties that won seats. See the complete results below.

Legislative elections in Brennonia for two seats in the Legislative Council are scheduled to be held on 14 November 12021 HE. It will be the first election in Brennonian history.

The election will use the multiple non-transferable vote system. Non-citizen residents from Batyr Bloc member states, specifically Mahuset, Hasanistan and Norrland, will be eligible to vote.


2021 Brennonian legislative election
Party/Label Candidate Votes %
None Shady Morsi Yes check.svg 8 40
Centre-right conservative Tobey Wyles Yes check.svg 6 30
None Ned O'Brien 6 30
Turnout 10 N/A