2021 Subejian presidential election

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2021 Subejian presidential election

20 June 2021 2022 →
  SubejiaLeader.jpg Shahibullah Picture.jpg
Candidate Azwariq Qadri Shahibullah
Party GERAKAN Ketam Batu Party
Home state Subejia City Bandar Paklang
Running mate Mohd Salleh N/A
Popular vote 2 0
Percentage 100% 0%

President before election

Azwariq Qadri
Syafikah Party

Elected President

Azwariq Qadri

The 2021 Subejian presidential election was held on 20 June 2021 due to power vacuum and resignation of Tan Sri Kennedy when he wasn’t appointed as President of Subejia. A snap election has been requested since both Azwariq and Tan Sri Kennedy resigned as the President.

Incumbent president Azwariq Qadri won the election, defeating Shahibullah. It also can be classified as sham election, even though Azwariq served for the second time.


President Azwariq announced that Subejia will be having an election for the first time since it was established. President Azwariq also resigned as President for the election.

Dissolution of political parties

Tan Sri Kennedy, leader of Tupperware Party, won the election but sadly resigned without an inauguration. This lead to the re-election and political crisis. Taqim Union Party are considered to be dissolved as they joined the GERAKAN coalition.


Subejia Anti-Destruction Guerrilla

Subejia Anti-Destruction Guerrila (now as Socialist Malay Party of Subejia) is the incumbent party in the 2021 election. They nominated Azwariq Qadri as their candidate for President while Mohd Salleh as Vice Presidential nominee.

2021 Subejia Anti-Destruction Guerilla ticket

Azwariq Qadri Mohd Salleh
for President for Vice President
Official Portrait of the Vice President of Subejia.jpg
1st President of Subejia
1st Vice President of Subejia

Ketam Batu Party

Ketam Batu Party is the second largest party in Subejia during the civil war. However, Shahibullah didn't nominated anyone as his running mate.

Tupperware Party

Tupperware Party was established and Tan Sri Kennedy was nominated as nominee for President. However, Tupperware Party was dissolved.



Due to COVID-19 pandemic, online voting was held on 20 June 2021 and closed on 21 June 2021. The voting is open to all people.


Azwariq Qadri won by uncontested voting, defeating Shahibullah. This is because only two peoples voting. This is also can be classified as sham election even though Azwariq served for the second time.