2021 Wendatian presidential election

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February 2021 Wendatian presidential election

31 May - 2 June 2021 2023 →
  Jonas Rhymer im Marquette.jpg Jhmarino portrait.png
Nominee Jonas Rhymer Sean Dunkerque
Party ¡Democracia! - PF Green
Popular vote 10 3
Percentage 62.50% 18.75%

  King Ezri Official Portrait (cropped).jpg AndrewNew (cropped).jpg
Nominee Ezri Ambriz Andrew Perdomo
Party National Centrist National Front
Popular vote 2 1
Percentage 12.50% 6.25%

Elections took place in Wendatia between 21 May 2021 and 2 June 2021. It had a total of 4 candidates, with Jonas Rhymer winning re-election with 62.50% of the vote. The 2021 election was the first election for a head of state position in Wendatia since the transition from Huron to Wendatia, along with having the highest voter turnout for any election in the country, with around 72% of the population voting, along with ¡Democracia! - People's Front losing a majority in the National Assembly after 2 members left the party.


The constitution of Wendatia had been changed to hold presidential elections on June 1 annually. This resulted in an election beginning, with 4 candidates registering. With Ezri Ambriz splitting off to form the National Centrist Party, this signaled a decline for DPF's dominance within government.


Resignation of Sean Dunkerque

Sean Dunkerque, who was Deputy President at the time, had resigned with the following statement: "After the Mutual Recognition with Australis and with the President unconstitutionally denying someone to create a political party, I announce I shall resign as Deputy President and leave DPF. It's a shame I have to do this, and I hope the President now starts to realise what he has been doing isn't the best. Good day.". After O'Lachtna's resignation, Leon Montan was appointed Deputy President.