2022 Arcadian War of Liberation

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2022 Arcadian War of Liberation

Locustville Pond, Zeprana
Date4–10 June 2022
Status White Peace
no borders changed

Diplomatic support
 Fontasia (after 4 June)

Diplomatic support
Commanders and leaders
Units involved
New Hessen Air Corps, on behalf of United New England Micronations Peacekeepers

On 4 June 2022 at 4:15 Eastern Standard Time, Prince Terry III of the Grand Principality of Arcadia with the support of 7 other nations declared war on the Federal Republic of Zeprana,, with the war being one of the only Global-conflicts to emerge from the Rhode Island Sector The war started to liberate Zeprana from the Workers Government of Zeprana and to re-install Terry McKeen III as the Head of state of Zeprana. The war within minutes of starting saw frequent vandalism on both sides on the Micronational Encyclopedia, MicroWiki with a small "edit war" breaking out between the two factions, Arcadia also withdrew from the Union Against Micronational War.


On 4 June 2022 at 4:15 p.m. Eastern Standard Time Terry McKeen III led a coalition consisting of Fontasia and other prominent allies of the Grand Principality of Arcadia against the Federal Republic of Zeprana with the purpose of re-claiming and restoring Arcadian land claims. Shortly after, the Kingdom of Pontunia and Kingdom of Norton declared diplomatic support for the anti-Zepranan coalition.

4 June 2022

Within just 2 hours of the war being declared, 12% of Zepranan land had been occupied by Arcadian forces, with Arcadia encountering zero resistance from the Zepranan government. Grant Taylor, Theodore Zopf, and the United New England Micronations as well as the Global Anti Zeprana Treaty Organization also joined the fight on the side of the Federal Republic of Zeprana. At 6:45 P.M. Eastern Standard Time, the government of the Federal Republic of Zeprana made an announcement, officially not recognizing the war that was declared on by Arcadia, and ceased all official connections to Terry McKeen afterwards.[1] Soon after, McKeen announced that roughly 20% of Zepranan land had been taken with no resistance. Later that night, McKeen declared the war to be won. The Kingdom of Fontasia, after this announcement declared it would withdraw from the war, only retaining diplomatic support thereafter.

5 June 2022

In the early morning hours of 5 June 2022, Terry McKeen III created a new Discord server for Zeprana, and appointed Rafe Burfield to be the nations first governor general, creating the "Dominion of Zeprana". Later that day Mckeen issued a statement about re-building Zepranan foreign relations and dignity and began drafting a new constitution for the dominion. 8:40PM the Free State of New Manila broke away from the Dominion of Zeprana to restore democracy to piece of land.

7 June 2022

On 7 June 2022, Terry McKeen III refused to recognize the Free State of New Manila as an independent nation.

8 June 2022

At 8:03 PM CST, on June 8, 2022, the President of the Republic of Tinland, Anthony Barauskis, released a statement once more condemning the actions taken by the Grand Principality of Arcadia and its allies and called upon Terry McKeen and Matthew Cunningham to start negations to end of the conflict.

9 June 2022

Around 10:00 AM CST, Terry McKeen III had responded to the statement released by the Republic of Tinland the day prior, by stating: "There won't be peace until [Matthew Cunningham] leaves Zeprana." Anthony Barauskis had then responded "There could be. You just choose not to." This statement was then responded to by Terry McKeen saying "There could be. But there won't be."

On 12:00 PM CST it was decided by Charles Madgett that G6 would hold a summit to decide what to do about the conflict, as Ela'r'oech had gone into MSW 3. Ela'r'oech had been in MSW 4 for a while due to inactivity in the micronation, however the conflict had eventually interested Madgett enough that he had decided to stop ignoring it for the time being. Madgett had previously fought against Cunningham's rise to power, with the claims that there was no way he could have gotten his amount of votes he had received. Additionally, the conflict and Cunningham's rise to power has been the catalyst for a revitalization in the Carolusian movements in Ela'r'oech as many more extreme Carolusians have begun to wish to take Zeprana back seeing as previously it was founded by Madgett and was never officially nor legally granted independence.

At 2:00 PM Eastern Standard Time, Terry McKeen III made a statement saying "I urge the Group of Six to stay out of this conflict, I don't want them to take my side or Cunningham's side. It doesn't involve them, but if they take the side of Cunningham, we will fight, and we will do what is necessary to protect our great nation as well as our interests." He later stated "It is not the G6's problem what happens in Rhode Island, nor is it their place to become involved in this conflict."

10 June 2022

Treaty of Zarkyiv

Evidence that the Treaty was signed by both Terry McKeen III and Matthey Cunningham.(Note:Kcluf#1546 is Mathew Cunningham's discord account and GPF1#7749 is Manggala Alif Prasetia's discord account)

Around 8 30 AM WIB, following Zarkyiv's withdrawal, Zarkyivian Prime Minister, Manggala Alif Prasetia decided to add both Terry McKeen III and Matthew Cunningham to a discord group chat, both parties were tired from the conflict. Prasetia at first wanted Arcadia to be an autonomous region in Zeprana, however both Cunningham and McKeen declined, eventually a treaty was signed so that both states were separate, this would be known as the Treaty of Zarkyiv.


On 11 June, Conor Newman, the Prime Minister of Arcadia during the war and King of Fontasia formally resigned from the his position in govenrment in Arcadia. His reasoning for the resignation was the Fontasia was finished in its involvement with the reconstruction of stable governance in the Zepranan Sector, and that Fontasia, through involvement in these conflicts was blatantly violating its non-interventionist foreign policy. He reassured the Arcadian government that Fontasia would be a loyal ally, but it just wouldn't join Arcadian conflicts unless it directly threatened Fontasia itself. Fontasia would only provide diplomatic support if a war involved Arcadia.

International response

Idk I was only the Under-General thingy for peacekeeping.

It is extremely foolish and pathetic that Matthew Cunningham is still claiming to the legitimate ruler of Zeprana. He doesn't live in the land, he doesn't own the land, and he cannot control this land. Northway and the United New England Micronations doesn't have a say in this war either, so I don't see why they are involved. However, I do warn both the UNEM and Northway that we will not hesitate to defend ourselves and our allies by any means necessary.

 Fontasia- King Conor I issued the following statement:

It is unfortunate to see another war in the Zepranan Sector. We stand in support of our Arcadian brothers and hope this conflict can be resolved without much violence. It is not Fontasia's role to be the peacekeeper in this war-torn powder keg of a sector. Until Wyoming is captured, we will stay in the war, but anything thereafter we will not be involved. The Fontasian people are tired of being pulled into conflicts over petty disputes, the Zepranan and Arcadian governments must come to peaceful agreement. Fontasia will not keep babysitting the Zepranan Sector.

  •  Tinland - President Anthony Barauskis issued two statements on 5 June 2022 at 8:48 p.m. CST and 8 June 2022 at 8:03 CST via Twitter.[2][3]

On June 4th, 2022 at 3:15 Central Standard Time, the Grand Principality of Arcadia led by Prince Terry McKeen III had led a coalition of multiple allies of the Grand Principality against the Federal Republic of Zeprana, moments later an “edit war” had broken out, since the declaration, the Federal Republic of Zeprana had denounced the so-called war and refused to recognize it. Late last night and early this morning, Terry McKeen III had declared that the war was won and began to establish a new government. The Republic of Tinland condemns in the strongest terms, the self-declared war between the Grand Principality of Arcadia and its allies against the Federal Republic of Zeprana. This war is an unwanted act of aggression against the people and government of the Federal Republic of Zeprana and a threat to peace and security in the Rhode Island Sector and the greater Micronational Community. This war violates the right of the Zepranan people to choose and participate in their government, including who should serve in their government. The Republic of Tinland urges the Grand Principality of Arcadia and its allies to immediately halt all hostilities against the Federal Republic of Zeprana and remove any forces from occupied lands. There is a peaceful solution to be made and the Republic of Tinland is more than willing to assist in any way reasonably possible to make that solution a reality. That said, the Republic of Tinland stands with the people and government of the Federal Republic of Zeprana against this illegal and immature attack.

The President of the Republic had mentioned in a statement released on June 8th, 2022: "...For the continuation of peace and security in the Rhode Island Sector and the maintenance of human rights for the people of Zeprana, the Republic of Tinland strongly urges Prince Terry McKeen III of the Grand Principality of Arcadia and Matthew Cunningham of the Federal Republic of Zeprana, to meet and negotiate an end to this act of aggression. As stated in our previous statement, the Republic of Tinland is more than willing to be an arbitrator to find a permanent solution."

Terry McKeen did not defeat the Federal Republic of Zeprana, much less engage with their government in any way. The Zepranan people did not want to live under his rule and so they chose to rid themselves of him during the Zepranan Civil Conflict. This is Terry's way of coping with his loss, and it's pathetic. Having the desire to launch a war of aggression at a peaceful nation is despicable. McKeen needs to be stopped lest he continue to ruin the name of Zeprana.

We Agree with the Confederation of Malus, it is true it is pathetic Terry McKeen III acts like this when he looses something. He cannot live with what he has, he should learn to be grateful that he still even has a micronation because some people don't even have food or clothes to live with. Zeprana is not his nor will ever be again! The people rightfully removed him because they wanted a new Leader. but the name of the war "Arcadian War of Liberation" makes no sense due to the fact that Terry tried to also annex nations that were never his. He's not liberating them. Its more like the "Arcadian Annexation war of the Rhode Island Sector" by the way he's treating it.

Zero Arcadian troops have been seen by the Federal Republic of Zeprana or the Free State of New Manila nor even the Empire of Northway! Terry McKeen Continues to claim that Arcadia won the War but its not its just a white peace. no land has been taken. Dominion of Zeprana does not exist. This war is just a bunch of Arcadian Propaganda to Ruin Reputation, and Citizens part of Zeprana in its land or not they still are citizens and voted Terry McKeen out, in a side note Terry McKeen is a 7th Grader and gets Anger issues when he fails to get his way. Hes Even faked a existence of 300 Senate who would want to be ruled over by a Prince Dictator Child like terry!

It is here that I inform all of you the current state of the Grand Principality of Arcadia, we the Zarkyivian Republic strongly supports the independent sovereign state of the Grand Principality of Arcadia and strongly condemn the Federal Republic of Zeprana for invading foreign territory putting disregard on micronational peace, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk once said, "Peace at Home, Peace in the World". My fellow citizens and diplomats, I hereby cut all diplomatic relations to the Federal Republic of Zeprana. Free Arcadia!

After a thorough revision made by the state, It has concluded that no sufficient evidence on both parties can yet be trusted, unless a significant amount of information and statistics are given out with highly trusted sources, there are no evidence that both parties are guilty of any wrongdoing. However, the state believes that matters of legitimacy and sovereignty can be handled without conflict, the state deeply regrets entering war in the first place and apologizes to both parties. Furthermore, with the war going on for a couple day's, I would like to acknowledge to use of a ICJ, commonly known as the International Court of Justice, the purpose to this solution is to resolve the current issue without the use of warfare, both parties will be given sufficient amounts of time to gather factual information on the conflict, they are to present the information and a jury (one who is not a micronationalist or who is not affiliated with micronationalism) will decide the verdict. The state wishes that countries could give solution to both parties rather than doing nothing besides making war propaganda and statements that are useless, ineffective and further creating resentment from within both parties making it almost unlikely to achieve micronational peace. Terima Kasih!

The Zeprana government and its citizens continue to dispute the fact that Arcadia won the war. Arcadia annexed Zeprana, and none of the Zeprana citizens lived in its territory. Arcadia annexed it without resistance and there is proof to this fact. Accept what has happened!

  • Qardasha - Sultan Orzan bin Muhammad issued the following statement: [citation needed]

We will begin laying diplomatic support for the Federal Republic of Zeprana, although we have supported Terry Mckeen's Nations in the past which is no longer the case as of now. Although Arcadia may have de facto rule over Zeprana, we see Arcadia's claim on the nation as illegitimate. We officially condemn the Principality of Arcadia for their actions of stripping a nation's freedom whilst claiming that the war is for freedom. We will be opening our borders for refugees of both sides of the war, however, but we do officially condemn most nations that support Arcadia's cause and/or have participated on Arcadia's side.

You guys are fucking stupid.


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