2022 Breuckelenian Stadtholder election

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2022 Breuckelenian Stadtholder election

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Candidate Brennan Sullivan Thomas Jacobs Maximillian Grieg
Party Breuckelen League Blue-Shirt Movement De Monarchistische Liga
Alliance N/A Blue-Shirt/Fuckpolitics N/A
Popular vote 14 2 1
Percentage 82.4% 11.7% 5.8%

Stadtholder before election

Hunt Powell Pro Tempore


Brennan Sullivan
Breuckelen League

The 2022 Breuckelenian Stadtholder election was held on 26 September 2022 to elect the Stadholder of Breuckelen. Brennan Sullivan replaced Stadtholder Pro Tempore Hunt Powell as the first elected Stadtholder of the Republic of Breuckelen, a pluralist republic which gained its independence from Faltree on 15 September 2022. The election saw Sullivan and his candidate for Vice-Stadtholder, Nicolas Caiazzo, win in a landslide against Thomas Jacobs and Maximilian Grieg. The Breuckelen League saw the highest success in voting, as the policy giving New Yorkers 2 votes worked in the party's favor.