2022 Ceticilian parliamentary election

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Ceticilian Parliamentary election, March 2022

← ? 26-28 March 2022 ? →
Turnout100% (17/17)
(of registered voters)
  First party Second party
Party Democratic Socialist Party (Ceticilia) Ava Jane Rotfels (ind.)
Seats won 2 2
Popular vote 8 7


The Ceticilian Parliamentary election, March 2022 took place alongside the 2022 Ceticilian presidential election and was called by then-President Taylor Mia Torres via a referendum. This election only had two candidates. However these candidates have one "ghost" seat awarded to each; ghost seats being a Ceticilian measure to fill vacancies.

Electoral system

The electoral system for this election was proportional representation.

Results and Aftermath

Ava Jane Rotfels and the DSP have an equal number of seats, effectively meaning that Parliament has to be unanimous to pass any law.