2022 MOF Games

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2022 Intermicronational
Olympic Games
Host Wegmat
MottoThe flame of the spirit
Nations participating14
Athletes participating32
Opening Ceremony18 May 2022
Closing Ceremony12 October 2022
Officially opened byWegmat Sporting Administration
Preceded by2021 MOF Games
Succeeded by2023 MOF Games

The 2022 MOF Games, alternatively the 2022 Intermicronational Olympic Games or simply Wegmat 2022, was the fourth annual Micronational Olympic Federation games. It was hosted by the Federal Union of Wegmat and began on 18 May 2022. It was set to continue up to 3 June 2022, however, the games we significantly delayed, and ended on 12 October 2022. It was delayed by 2 days due to difficulties setting up the virtual event space, according to the Wegmat Sporting Administration. The games were very disorganized. By the fourth day, the only game's administrator became inactive due to mental health reasons, leaving the games unattended for a month. They have repeated attempts to contact Weg representatives, many of which were undedicated, nonresponsive, had no instruction on what to do, or were on leave. The Wegmat Government closed due to short-staffing, lack of dedication, and inactivity on 1 June and did not reopen until 21 July. The Micronational Olympic Federation took control of the games with permission from Wegmat. The rest of the events went on with little further incident.


Tic Tac Toe 3×3

Gold: Krlesia Jan Šťastný

Silver: Vishwamitra Preetam Kapei

Bronze: Saspearian Anthony G.

Five in a Row

Gold: Ladonia Matthew Salzer

Silver: Pedro P.

Bronze: New Athens Tyler Mullins

Checkers 6×6

Gold: Great Kingdom of Slitronia Johannes M. Toome

Silver: Wegmat Josh L.

Bronze: Ladonia Matthew Salzer


Gold: New Athens Sasha P.

Silver: Mendersia Eric Smith

Bronze: Wegmat Josh L.


Gold: New Athens Tyler Mullins

Silver: Great Kingdom of Slitronia Johannes M. Toome

Bronze: Gymnasium State Tomáš Falešník


Gold: Ladonia Theresa Villeneuve

Silver: Ladonia Yvan Bertjens

Rocket League

Gold: Ladonia Yvan Bertjens


Gold: Vishwamitra Matthew Hubbard

Silver: Great Kingdom of Slitronia Johannes M. Toome

Bronze: Pedro P.

Rock Paper Scissors

Gold: Melite Matthew T.

Silver: Subejia Azwariq Qadri

Bronze: Vishwamitra Matthew Hubbard


Gold: New Athens Tyler Mullins

Silver: Ladonia Matthew Salzer

Bronze: Vishwamitra Preetam Kapei


Gold: Ladonia Matthew Salzer

Silver: Vishwamitra Matthew Hubbard

Bronze: Firburg Stefan Kutnix


Event cancelled

National Titles

Events cancelled

Medal Table

Rank Micronation Gold Silver Bronze Total Medals
Total 11 10 8 29
1  Ladonia 4 2 1 7
2  Vishwamitra 1 2 2 5
3  New Athens 3 0 1 4
4  Slitronia 1 2 0 3
5  Wegmat 0 1 1 2
Apollonia 0 1 1 2
6  Krlesia 1 0 0 1
 Melite 1 0 0 1
7  Mendersia 0 1 0 1
 Subejia 0 1 0 1
8  Firburg 0 0 1 1
 Gymnasium State 0 0 1 1
 Saspearian 0 0 1 1
9  Aenopia 0 0 0 0
Namwua 0 0 0 0
 Trasona 0 0 0 0
Victoria 0 0 0 0
 Desert District 0 0 0 0


      Event Finals        Event Competitions        Opening Ceremony        Closing Ceremony 
Event 18th 19th 20th 21st 22nd 23rd 24th 25th 26th 27th 28th 29th 30th 31st 1st 2nd 3rd
Ceremonies OC CC
Tic Tac Toe 3×3
Five in a Row
Checkers 6×6
Rocket League
Rock Paper Scissors
National Pride

Class-action Lawsuit

Businesses in the city of Bushwood were promised that physical festivities would be hosted during the games in Bushwood. When the Paulina Depression began, the Wegmat Government closed for a period between June 1 through 21 July 2022. The government closure caused a state of inactivity, which caused no festivities to occur. Along with another economic activity halting, 7 Bushwood-based businesses consulted with the Kearsage Lawfirm to see if the Wegmat Government was responsible. The only thing that was financially compensatable was the fact that the Wegmat Sporting Administration might not have gone through with its promise of physical festivities. Bushwood Trade Market v. Wegmat Sporting Administration was filed at the 1st District Supreme Court of Wegmat on 3 October 2022. The Wegmat Ministry of Justice has since supplied Federal attorneys to the WSA.

Official bids

Bidding Nation(s) Bid Logo Bid Confirmation
Aenopia 15 February 2021
Wegmat 18 February 2021
Paloma 18 February 2021
Tesforia 1 March 2021
Richensland 4 January 2022
Saspearian 19 January 2022
2022 MOF Games bid voting
Bid Round 1 Round 2 Round 3
 Wegmat 5 8 12
 Aenopia 8 14 10
 Saspearian 5 5 -
 Most Serene Republic of Richensland 11 1 -
 Tesforia 1 - -
 Paloma 0 - -