2022 Melitian presidential election

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2022 Melitian Presidential Election

← 2021 10 July 2022 2024 →
Turnout17 (56.7%)
Candidate Matthew Tonna Xram Irak Simeon Nikolov
Party Christian Nationalist Anime Anarcho-Marxist Union People's
Home state Dominica Autonomous City  Socialist Fgura SAR Comino
Running mate Thomas Jacobs Ted Kaz Paul Slawovski
States carried 6 + DAC SAR 0
Popular vote 13 3 1
Percentage 76.5% 17.6% 5.9%

President of Melite before election

Thomas Jacobs[a]
Christian Nationalist Party

Elected President of Melite

Matthew Tonna
Christian Nationalist Party

The 2022 Melitian presidential election was held between 10–11 July 2022. The polls were open for 24 hours between 16:00 to 16:00 the next day. It was also planned that should no candidate reach the majority vote (that of 50%), a second round would be held, however this did not happen due to the already dominant Christian Nationalist Party winning the election with 76.5% of the vote. The ECM monitored the election through its whole course.[b] The new President was set to be inaugurated the same day he[c] wins or any future day depending on circumstances.


This election is the first election being held after the transition from a unitary, Christian, presidential republic, to a federal, Christian, semi-presidential republic. Three candidates ran for President of Melite, each with a running mate for Vice President. Out of six parties in Melite, only half of them fielded a candidate. The Christian Nationalist Party was expected to win.

Simultaneous Elections

State Gubernatorial elections were also to happen on the same day in all the states and the Autonomous City, but only the Christian Nationalist Party published its list of fielded candidates, and thus they were all unopposed elect.[d]


Party Ticket
President Vice President
Matthew Tonna Thomas Jacobs
Simeon Nikolov Paul Slawovski
Xram Irak Ted Kaz


Presidential Candidate 1st and sole round 10–11 June 2022
Party Votes %
Matthew Tonna Christian Nationalist Party

Partit Nazzjonalista Kristjan tal-FDK Melite

CNP 13 76.5
Xram Irak Anime Anarcho-Marxist Union AAMU 3 17.6
Simeon Nikolov Melitian People's Party

Il-Partit Popolari ta Melite

MPP 1 5.9

Vote share – 2022 Election
Matthew Tonna
Xram Irak
Simeon Nikolov


International reaction

President-elect Matthew Tonna received congratulations from several micronations and micronationalists.

The President of Richensland congratulates Matthew Tonna on his election as president of Melite.

Congratulations on winning the presidency of Melite, I'm sure it's going to be the start of a renewed era of development.



  1. Never democratically elected, first presidential election as a federation.
  2. Electoral Commission of Melite
  3. All three candidates are male.
  4. Where the CNP did not field candidates, the incumbents remained.
  5. Abstensions are not counted with the percentage of total voters. For example, if in a state with only 2 citizens, one votes and the other abstains, the candidate gains 100% of the votes for that state.