2022 Neptunian presidential election

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2022 Neptunian presidential election

← 2021 1 July 2022 (primary)
15 July 2022 (general)
2023 →

Incumbent President

Addison Dillon
Left-Green Movement (Neptunia)

The Neptunian presidential election of 2022 will be the second presidential election in the Commonwealth of Neptunia. The primary is scheduled for 1 July, and the general election is scheduled for 15 July 2022. It will be the first presidential election held after the ratification of the new constitution. Incumbent president Addison Dillon has filed paperwork to run for a second term.[1]

In Neptunia, all presidential candidates compete on the same ballot in the primary, regardless of party, and the top two vote-getters advance to the general election.[2] This system is known as the top-two primary. The winner of the 2022 presidential election is scheduled to be inaugurated on 1 August 2022.


The PDC requires a Statement of Candidacy (pictured) be filled out for a candidate to run a legal campaign for president and to appear on the ballot.

Prior to October 2021, the president was elected via the Borda count system. This was later scrapped in favor of the top-two primary.


Article Two of the Constitution of Neptunia mandates that any presidential prospect must be a citizen of Neptunia for at least six months prior to election, be at least 13 years old, and be a registered voter.[2] Prospects must fill out the required paperwork to the Public Disclosure Commission. Candidates for the presidency compete against each other all at the same time, and the top two vote-getters advance to the general election. The system is similar to the two-round system, except in the fact that there are no intra-party primaries; rather, all candidates of all parties compete on the primary ballot. After the primary, the top two candidates select running mates who will serve as Vice President once the election is over and the inauguration of the winner has concluded.

In the general election, voters are prompted to select one of the remaining candidates for whom to cast their vote for President. The candidate with the highest vote share after the general election is declared the winner. After the primary, the remaining candidates are invited to participate in a series of two debates, which are designed to maximize the information available to voters when they cast their vote. The presidential election will occur simultaneously with elections to the House of Representatives.

Campaign issues

COVID-19 pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic in Neptunia has infected around 12% of Neptunians. The socioeconomic repercussions caused by the pandemic could potentially carry over to the 2022 election. However, over 80% of Neptunians have received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, which could slightly reduce the effects of the pandemic.


Left-Green Movement




Democratic Workers' Party



National Party


  • Alexandre Olivier, Prime Minister of Neptunia (2021-2021); member of the House of Representatives from Morningside (2021-2021)





Addison Dillon

Primary election


Poll source Date Sample
of error
New Liberty
Bligh Calderon
Olivier declares candidacy
Marino renounces citizenship
Dillon Statistics 29 September 2021 12 RV ± 16.66% 41.67% 33.34% 16.66% 8.33%
Dillon Statistics 29 September 2021 12 RV ± 25.0% - 41.67% 25.0% 33.33%
Dillon Statistics 29 September 2021 12 RV ± 25.0% 66.67% - 8.33% 25.0%
Dillon Statistics 29 September 2021 12 RV ± 25.0% 50.0% 41.67% - 8.33%
Calderon declares candidacy
Dillon declares candidacy

General election polling



  1. Key:
    A – all adults
    RV – registered voters
    LV – likely voters
    V – unclear


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