2022 SEAM Games

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1st Southeast Asian Micronations Games
2022 SEAM Games.png
Host citySubejia City, Subejia
MottoAll Succeed and Rise Together (Malay: Semua Berjaya dan Bangkit Bersama)
Nations participating8
Athletes participatingTBA
Opening ceremony13 May 2022[1]
Closing ceremony25 May 2022[1]
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The 2022 Southeast Asian Micronations Games (Malay: Sukan Mikrobangsa Asia Tenggara 2022), officially known as the 1st Southeast Asian Micronations Games (or simply 1st SEAM Games; Malay: Sukan Mikrobangsa Asia Tenggara Yang Pertama or Sukan SEAM Yang Pertama) and commonly known as Subejia City 2022, was an upcoming Southeast Asian micronations multi-sport event which is will be took place in Subejia City, Subejia. Originally scheduled to take place on 2022, it was moved to 2023 due to 2026 problem and budget.[2] After Republic of Meme Indonesia joined SEAMA, the council decided to rescheduled to 2022.

Host selection

The SEAMGF decided to selected Subejia City since its creation. Subejia's government will be prepare for any matches and challenges.


The Olympic Council of Subejia stated that Subejia having an election on end of 2026 and also same to the event dates. They decided to postpone on early or end of 2023. But then, the SEAMGF rescheduled to 2022.


The cancellation was made due to lack of athletes.[3] This is the first time that the SEAMGF decided to cancel its first events. Thus, the SEAMA e-Cup was announced to "replaced" the 2022 SEAM Games.



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