2022 Subejian presidential election

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2022 Subejian presidential election

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  Azwariq Qadri in February 2022.jpg Shahibullah Picture.jpg
Candidate Azwariq Qadri Shahibullah
Party SEMASA Ketam Batu Party
Home state Subejia City Bandar Paklang
Running mate Mohd Salleh N/A
Popular vote 1 0
Percentage 100% 0%

President before election

Azwariq Qadri

Elected President

Azwariq Qadri

The 2022 Subejian presidential election was held on 10 June 2022 due to ratification of the constitution, which the president won't have a seat in the parliament to run for.[1]

With this victory, Azwariq Qadri defeated Shahibullah twice without any opposition.[2] This can also be categorised as a sham election.


Previous election

By an uncontested vote, Azwariq Qadri defeated Shahibullah. But because internet voting was used to conduct the election, it is not really a "nationwide" one.

Ratification of the constitution

The constitution of Subejia was ratified by the President himself.[1] The ratification modified Subejia's political system. The President will be unable to participate in Parliament after its ratification.


Socialist Malay Party of Subejia

The Socialist Malay Party of Subejia was proposed to held the primary, but, due to many problems, Azwariq was nominated as nominee.

2022 SEMASA ticket

Azwariq Qadri Mohd Salleh
for President for Vice President
Azwariq Qadri in February 2022.jpg
Official Portrait of the Vice President of Subejia.jpg
1st and 3rd President of Subejia
1st Vice President of Subejia

Ketam Batu Party

Ketam Batu Party is the main opposition in Subejia. Shahibullah was nominated as nominee, but the Vice President nominee wasn't nominated.

2022 Ketam Batu Party ticket

Shahibullah N/A
for President for Vice President
Shahibullah Picture.jpg
No Image.png
Former Member of the Parliament for Bandar Paklang


Azwariq Qadri won uncontested against Shahibullah. This is the second time Shahibullah defeated in the election.[2] However, this is can be categorised as sham election.


Supposedly, Azwariq will be sworn in after the election. However, President Azwariq postponed its inauguration due to technical problems and some issues. President Azwariq also released three Presidential Proclamation about the inauguration ceremony.[3][4][5]

After that, President Azwariq finally postponed to 20 January 2023, with the Presidential Proclamation No. 1872.[6]


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