2023 Roscami civil war

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2023 Roscami civil war
Part of the Galwegian wars
Date(13 January - 26 February 2023)
Status Ended, South Galwegian surrender

Roscamistan - Loyalists

  • Oranmore Oranmore
    Castillomale Republic (until 16 January 2023)

Diplomatic support
Kingdom of Fontasia (until 16 January 2023) [1]

Republic of Rudorvia

 South Galwegian Democratic Republic - Rebels
Connemara Republic - Rebels (until 17 January 2023)

Diplomatic support

File:Republic of New Malus.png Republic of Malus
Kingdom of Fontasia

 Ballinfoyleburg Yellow International

Commanders and leaders
Thomas Jacobs (until 16 January 2023, 17 January 2023 onwards)
Ali Farrokhzad (16 - 17 January 2023)
Jan Kotoński
South Galway Jake A.
Conor Newman (until 17 January 2023)
Ballinfoyleburg Ludwig Collins
Units involved

National Armed Forces of Roscamistan (Greater Roscam Army

Ironfist Regiment
South Galway South Galwegian Republican Army
Connemara Militia
File:Lucifer's Legion flag.png Lucifer's Legion (Allegedly)
Second Infantry Battalion
9+ 6+ 3+

The 2023 Roscami civil war was a conflict in the Roscami Federation, in the Oranmore region of Greater Roscam province. The war started after the Ministry of Defence released a statement about the "secession" of Oranmore as the People’s Republic of South Galway. The Defence Secretary Jan Kotoński also declared martial law in the province. The regime also promised to crush the South Galwegian threat. The Kingdom of Fontasia, immediately upon hearing the news instantly declared formal diplomatic support for the Thomas Jacobs-lead Roscami government, denouncing South Galway as a rogue state and terrorist group. The King of Fontasia also swore to defend Fontasian Galvegia if the conflict spilled over into the territory, in which war would be declared to stop a similar scenario to the Galway Troubles. On the same day, the Republic of Rudorvia announced its diplomatic support for Roscamistan. The neighbouring nation of Ballinfoyleburg initially declared neutrality in the conflict due to being a close ally of Roscamistan as well as sympathising with fellow socialist nations in Galway.


The civil war began on the 13th of January 2023, after a declaration of secession, which was a few words declaring Oranmore independent as the People's Republic of South Galway. The Ministry of Defence of Roscamistan would then respond with imposing a state of martial law into the Province of Greater Roscam and deeming the secession to be civil war. On the 17th of January, Ballinfoyleburg joined the conflict on its own side, with the RRSP claiming support for the Ballinfoylish cause as well. Ludwig Collins states that he wished to return Roscamistan to the glory days of either the first or second golden ages, against both the constitutionalists and the government in exile. The war would end on the 26th of February 2023, after the surrender by the Volkskammer of the South Galwegian Democratic Republic.