2024 Atovian parliamentary election

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2024 Atovian parliamentary election

← 2023 29 April - 03 May 2024
(31-35 Zehnat 07)
2025 →
Members of the 7th Parliament of Atovia →

All 5 seats in the House of Commons
3 seats needed for a majority
Turnout66.7% 26.1 pp
Leader Tobey von Wyles Newton von Uberquie
Party Centre Left-Green
Leader since 8 April 2022 4 October 2019
Last election 58.3% 33.3%

Leader Thomas von Bainbridge Erich Thaller
Party New Democratic Fatherland
Leader since 21 August 2019 28 September 2023
Last election 0.0% New party

Party None of These Candidates

Incumbent Prime Minister

Tobey von Wyles

The 2023 Atovian parliamentary election took place from 14–18 April 2023 (16-20 Zehnat 06) to elect the 6th House of Commons of the Kingdom of Atovia. The election was called in accordance with the Basic Law and elected five Members of Parliament. The voting system used according to the Basic Law is the single transferable vote and members are elected in a multi-seat at-large electorate.


The Conservative People's Party has held a majority in the House since the 2022 parliamentary election.

According to the Atovian Basic Law, parliamentary elections are to be held at least every twelve months. On 7 March 2023, the Minister of Internal Affairs announced the dates of the election, after which the campaign began.

Electoral system

Members of the House of Commons were elected by single transferable vote (STV) from a single at-large electorate with five seats. Voters complete a ballot, listing candidates in order of their preference. There is also an option for None of These Candidates (NoTC), which is a way for voters to show that they do not approve of some or all of the candidates on the ballot. Voters may mark as many or as few preferences as they wish. The ballots are then counted by computer under supervision of the Minister of Internal Affairs and the candidates standing for election. Each ballot is initially credited to its first-preference candidate but may be transferred on later counts using Meek's method to the next available preference where the first preference candidate is elected or eliminated.



Opinion polls on voting intentions are conducted regularly by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and by other media and polling firms. The chart below depicts the results of opinion polls since the announcement of the election.

File:Atovia Opinion Polls 2024P.png

Poll data is listed in the table below in reverse chronological order. The highest percentage figure in each poll is displayed in bold, and its background is shaded in the leading party's color. The "lead" column shows the percentage point difference between the two parties with the highest figures. When a poll result is a tie, the figures with the highest percentages are shaded and displayed in bold.

Polling Firm Date Sample
Chase von Mahoning 25 October 2023
(30 Fünat 07)
8 25.0% 0.0% 50.0% 25.0% 0.0% 0.0% 25.0%
2023 Parliamentary Election 14–18 April 2023
(16-20 Zehnat 06)
N/A 58.3% 33.3% 0.0% N/A 0.0% 0.0% 25.0%


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