2nd Cheslovian Federation

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Cheslovian Federation

(Russian) Чесловийская Федерация
(Cheslovian) Чесловискаи Ведерацийа

Kaznian flag.png Chesloviancoa.png
Flag Coat of arms
Map of Cheslovia
National Anthem:
Death to the corrupt!
Long live Cheslovia
Capital Musorov
Largest city Severobaltovsk

Official languages English, Russian, Cheslovian, five others co-official

Demonym Cheslovian, Cheslov

Government Semi-presidential Federal republic
President Urosh Dushanov
Prime Minister Boris Groznayev

Legislature Musorov Kremlin
Seats N/A

– Foundation of the nation 11 March 2003
Kaznian Rebirth 15 February 2007
– Reformed into Cheslovian Federation 1 November 2008
- Reformed intro 2nd Federation - 24 July 2012
Area claimed 91.318 km²

– Citizens 144
– Residence 35,796 [1]

Currency Cheslovian Oubel (€k)

GDP €k50,000 (2009 Estimation)

Time zone UTC and KST (Kaznian Standard Time UTC+1)

Country code CHE

Internet TDL .google.com(main)

Drives on the Left

Date formats Gregorian calendar

Government Website

The Second Cheslovian Federation (also known as the "New Cheslovian Federation" or the "Cheslovian Federation") is a socialist micronation in Western Europe. It is the successor of the previous Cheslovian Federation, which existed from 2008 to 2012.

Foreign relations and military

Foreign relations

See also Foreign relations of Cheslovia
The Cheslovian Federation recognises seventeen micronations, but is currently only recognised by thirteen nations, these nations are:

Nations with mutual recognition

  1. The Republic of Molossia
  2. The Kingdom of Fristehen
  3. The Republic of Gemnoviag
  4. The Commonwealth Republic of Avalon
  5. The Kingdom of Rouxan
  6. The Nation of Sweet
  7. The Principality of Cakeland
  8. The Principality of Malokaz
  9. The Kingdom of TwoChairs
  10. The Grand Duchy of Flandrensis
  11. The Republic of Petorio
  12. The Kingdom of Camuria
  13. The USMR (Union of Socialist Micronational Republics)
  14. The Kingdom of Ud Mahazar
  15. The Grand Lamate of Sandefreistikhan
  16. The Socialist Republic of Murrayfield
  17. The Republic of Arvas
  18. The Democratic Federation of Burkland
  19. The Tsardom of Monrovia

Three of these nations are members of the NAFM.

Nations recognised by Cheslovia

  1. Scientopia
  2. The Federal Republic of St. Charlie
  3. The Empire of New Europe
  4. The Kingdom of Altania
  5. The Empire of Qootärlænt
  6. The Sacred Republic of Plau Zuiru
  7. The Republic of North Altania
  8. The Free Empire of Ja'Wiojan
  9. The Democratic Duch of Francisville
  10. The Rudea Federation
  11. The Democratic Federation of Burkland
  12. The Tsardom of Monrovia


The Cheslovia military is the KDI (Kaznian Defence Initiative), subdivisions include KDI army, KDI Border guard division, KDI Mechanised Infantry and the KDI air force. Cheslovia also has a NAFMDA Battalion, which is used to defend NAFM territories, the NAFMDA is operated by the NAFM, but each NAFMDA Battalion has a certain amount of "autonomy". The KDI are equipped with Cheslovian "Kalash" rifles (which are a type of Cheslovian Splinter Gun), and their uniform is: Black hat, black trousers, black shoes, beige shirt, long kharki coat.

Splinter guns

Splinter guns are a Cheslovian weapon used for defence and sport, they fire a small piece of wood. There are three types of Splinter guns:


Standard issue splinter gun for the KDI.

Stettin rifle

Used by special groups of KDI troops, they are faster to reload than Kalash rifles but are harder to manufacture and are more bulky than Kalash rifles.

Stump gun

Stump guns are crudely made splinter rifles used for sport, they are known for technical errors such are failure to fire and even back firing on the user.


  1. Based upon number of English citizens living per square kilometre

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Extinct nations

Chivaliers.pngThe Empire of Chivaliers, Zagoria.pngThe Empire of Zagoria, Noke.pngThe Noke Clan, The Tribe, Krighton.pngKrighton Republic, Terrock.pngTerrock Republic, Mooton.pngMooton Republic, Aramisia.pngThe Principality of Aramisia, Cheslovcommunist.pngStettin Autonomous Socialist Republic, Buria.jpgThe Kingdom of Buria

Seperatist groups

S-v.jpgThe Federation of Seldov-Volodovkaya, Aigor.jpgThe Republic of Aigoria (part of the CBS), Tr.jpgThe Transbaltian Republic, Eszakpohi.jpgThe Empire of Eszakpohi, Y.jpgRepublic of Belouidzha (part of the CBS), The Corporate Republics

Seperatist groups no longer active

Izkarflag.pngThe Izkar Confederacy, Izkarflag.pngIzkar Remnants, Milna.jpgMilnian Holdouts

Nations associated with Baltia

The Tribe, Krighton.pngKrighton Republic, Terrock.pngTerrock Republic, Cheslovcommunist.pngStettin Autonomous Socialist Republic