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2nd Congress of the Christian Nationalist Party (Melite)

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2nd Congress of the Christian Nationalist Party

It-Tieni Kungress tal-Partit Nazzjonalista Kristjan ta Melite (mt.)
CNP 2 Logo.svg
CNP Congress Melite.svg
Logo of the 2022 CNP Congress
Date(s)17–23 June 2022
17 June:

23 June:
Country Melite
InauguratedJune 17, 2022 (2022-06-17)
Previous event1st Congress of the National Alliance Front (2021)
Next eventTBD
ParticipantsSignificant Speakers:

Major events
    • Speeches by various dignitaries
    • Confirmation of presidential and gubernatorial candidates
ChairmanMatthew Tonna
Organised byChristian Nationalist Party of Melite

The 2nd Party Congress of the Christian Nationalist Party of the Democratic Christian Federation of Melite (Maltese: It-Tieni Kungress tal-Partit Nazzjonalista Kristjan ta Melite) was a congress that was organised by the Christian Nationalist Party of Melite, the first and current ruling party of Melite, in anticipation for the first presidential election held a month after between the 10 and 11 July. The congress was organised de jure in Dominica, Comino and Melincia states of the Federation while in practice using the social media platform Discord, due to geographic limitations, and fully in text form, meaning that no speakers used video communication but rather the platform's chat feature.[a] This was also the first party Congress of the CNP (and All Melite) after federalisation.

Preparations and setting

The congress was convocated the same day and presided by party Chairman Matthew Tonna. No foreign delegations were initially invited due to short time of planning, and preparations, with only a short agenda being posted on the CNP Bulletin,[1] however a guest speech by a partisan and an ally leader was given.


Friday 17 June (Opening)


Opening Speech of the Congress

The opening of the Congress was declared through a relatively short speech by party Chairman Tonna, who in this speech, briefly explained the change in government system from unitary to federative, and how the former districts, now called states are now allowed to determine their way by issuing laws on targeting their own needs.

This is the second congress of this kind ever held in Melite after the first (cut short, but nontheless satisfying) congress of the National Alliance Front. In this current period after the big change of Federalisation, — a change even I myself cannot get used to, as I still sometimes type ‘Republic’ instead of Federation — we are regenerated and ready to encounter new challenges. The transformation from a unitary, Christian, presidential republic to a federal Christian semi-presidential republic with more autonomy given to the subdivisions with regards to their specific needs.

Tonna also highlighted the CNP's "noble goal", that is to "keeping Melite united", although here he was concerned that this would be done "even at the risk of becoming the only participator (sic.) in Melitian politics", but indicated that it "is a concern we intend to address sometime in the future".

The Party has always had the noble goal of keeping Melite united, and will keep on doing so, even at the risk of becoming the only participator in Melitian politics, which is a concern we intend to address sometime in the future. As the former Chairman of the National Union of Melite (former allied political party) once told me, “How can my party get seats if the CNP has a bajillion members?” Food for thought.

A significant issue that Tonna brought up is that of possible but still alleged espionage on the Melitian state without elaborating on the matter more, although promises that in "future legislation" the party would "safeguard Melitian National Security".

Another issue Melite will need to deal with is that of de facto espionage. In the past and currently, espionage attempts were (and probably are) being done against the Melitian state, with unidentified “visitors” whom we are not allied with, feeding information on Melitian proceedings to third-parties. No citizen of Melite is involved in this, thus no worries are required. But, in future legislation the CNP promises to safeguard Melitian National Security.

Another point Tonna pressed on, is the importance of the Christian faith, both for the party and Melite as a state. He affirmed Roman Catholicism as the religion of the institutions of the Christian Nationalist Party as a whole and the recently co-recognized Greek Orthodox denomination "by virtue of party dirigents (sic.) holding this faith". The next speaker after Tonna, Quintus De Vitaliis would be a Greek Orthodox Christian. He expressed the common Christian wish for ecumenism, although warns against the subduing of Melite's faith and traditions and confirms that his party will "stand our ground". He even promised on behalf of the party that it shall "protect the Melitian and Maltese Christian identity", owing a reference to the micronations' origins in the Catholic super-majority Republic of Malta.[2]

Finally, Tonna addresses the new voters of Melite, and begins by conceding that "while these might strong words these might put you off joining our party", he asks them to "try and understand through these words, that the CNP wants a secure and just Melite for us all". He also states that "Discipline, Faith and (God-given) liberty make our state." Tonna finally declared the Congress open.

Speech by Quintus de Vitaliis

After the opening of the congress, Chairman Tonna granted the floor to Quintus De Vitaliis, who at Tonna's invitation prepared a small speech to address the Congress and anticipated this speech on his micronations' Twitter account.[3] The topic he chose was an uncommon and very bold topic, "how a threat of any scale could endanger our micronations; our values, beliefs system, etc." He uses his being a citizen of Hellas[b] and consequentially of the European Union, bordering the "cunning state of Turkey".

Greetings to you all, Christian Nationalist partisans,

I would like to preface this brief speech by once again thanking Mr. Tonna for this opportunity to express my concerns with like-minded people.

It is truly an honour to be able to address this Congress. The topic of my speech is the following: how a threat of any scale could endanger our micronations; our values, beliefs system, etc.

As a citizen of Hellas, an EU-member state, not to mention bordering the cunning state of Turkey, I can't help but be concerned about the geopolitical situations right next to my country, as I live under constant threat from an admittedly strong adversary nation.

Mr. De Vitaliis listed around two examples of how Turkey threatens Greece, Cyprus, and further in his speech, how also in the past, Malta.[4] Mr. De Vitaliis also mentioned the general values the CNP holds, and refers to the COVID-19 period and its lockdowns "now out of the science fiction basket" and finally, a very small hint to the Russo-Ukranian War.[5] He concluded his speech by affirming his point on Turkey and took the opportunity to remember the victims of the Helleno-Turkish War[c] in the century anniversary from the conflict.[6] A ten minute recess was announced by the party Chairman after Mr. De Vitaliis' speech after which he would announce the new party symbols.

Announcement revealing the new Party Symbols
Announcing of change of Party Symbols

Chairman Tonna unveiled the new logo and flag of the Christian Nationalist Party of the Democratic Christian Federation of Melite, moving away from the hammer, sickle and cross used before. The new symbols received positive reactions from the delegates present.

We are officially moving away from the Hammer, Sickle and Cross towards more nationalistic imagery. The White Sun from the Canton, and half of a Hospitaller Cross. One symbolises Melite, the other the Maltese back-history. The prominence of the Colour Blue shall remain, though Black shall only remain our electoral colour together with (blue).

Intervention by President Jacobs

After the announcement on the party symbols, Chairman Tonna requested that President Jacobs, who is also Vice-Chairman of the Christian Nationalist Party, to say a few words. President Jacobs accepted and issued the following statement:

Thank you, Mr Tonna, it is an honour to be here today. When I first joined Melite I didn’t expect to get very far in politics. Now I speak to you as Interim President and the first head of state of the Federation. I hope that even after my term ends, I am able to serve you for as long as I can. Thank you.

— Tómas J.

Finally, succeeding the President of Melite's intervention, the Congress was suspended for 24 hours.

Saturday 18 June

The written motion for suspension.

Although Congress was expected to continue the next day, Chairman Tonna motioned to suspend the Congress for a further 5 days, due to "academic" and "logistical difficulties." This passed and the Congress is currently suspended until 23 June 2022.

Thursday 23 June

The Congress was called in order after the five days of suspension, and the day started with two speeches were done by the Premier of Melite, Jayden Dagsa and Alexander I of the State of Norton[d] respectively.


Speech by Premier Jayden Dagsa

The 2nd Day of the Congress was started with a speech by the third Premier of Melite, Jayden Dagsa. He began by and saluting his co-partisans and thanked Chairman Tonna for the opportunity to address the meeting. Dagsa continued by praising the CNP's "steadfast commitment" that "fostered national growth and the conservation of our nation’s heritage".[7]

Members of our Christian Nationalist Party, and citizens of our great Democratic Christian Federation: I would like to begin by thanking our Chairman, Matthew Tonna for inviting me to speak in front of my fellow Christian Nationalist partisans, whose steadfast commitment has fostered national growth and the conservation of our nation’s heritage.

— Jayden D.

Mr. Dagsa would also indicate to his initial inactivity as Premier of Melite, calling it a "bumpy road". He also describes his new cabinet as a "triumvirate" and praising it for "consecrating" themselves "to serving the Nation in our respective capacities".[7] He also mentions some of the Bills he authored, in particular the still unfinished, Bill on Impeachments, referring to them as the "laws that will keep those in power accountable to those with true power": the People, and God.[7] He concludes his speech by hinting towards a Constitutional Convention, which started less than a month after on 17 July 2022.

Finally, after we complete the transition to a federal form of government with the general election days ahead, I shall be overseeing, along with the party leadership, the process of authoring a new Constitution, which shall codify the core statutes and, in the end, give us a new supreme law, which shall secure for ourselves our God-given rights and liberties.
May our party, and the nation, continue to advance in the name of democracy, liberty, and justice for all! Christus est Rex! Vivat Melite!

— Jayden D.
Speech by Alexander I

After the Premier's speech, Alexander I of Norton was given the floor to do his short speech. His speech revolved around the values of the party and their collaboration with the Christian religion.[9]

Confirmation of candidates for presidential and gubernatorial elections
2022 Christian Nationalist Party National Convention
CNP 2 Logo.svg
Date(s)26 August 2020
VenueOnline (Discord)
ChairMatthew Tonna
Presidential nomineeMatthew Tonna of
Dominica Autonomous City
Vice presidential nomineeTómas Jacobs of
Melincia State
Total delegates16
Votes needed for nominationSimple Majority of party members present
Results (president)Matthew Tonna
Results (vice president)Tómas Jacobs

After the speeches, the last event in the Congress was the confirmation of the presidential and vice-presidential candidates. Gubernatorial candidates for some of the Melitian States were also confirmed. Matthew Tonna and Tómas Jacobs were both approved as presidential and vice-presidential candidates respectively. The table below shows the party-approved candidates for governors of the States. Birmula State and Socialist Fgura were not contested.

Gubernatorial Candidates presented by the Christian Nationalist Party
Administrative Division Candidate Approval
Dominica Autonomous City Matthew Tonna checkY Approved
Comino State Jayden V. Dagsa
Kilna State Paul Slawovski
Leoni State Classified
Melincia State Tómas Jacobs
Mustensis State Matthew Vella
Saracinia State Matthew Trapani
 Socialist Fgura NOT CONTESTED

Closing of the Congress

In rather rushed circumstances, Chairman Matthew Tonna, then already being elected President of the Democratic Christian Federation of Melite, issued a statement closing the Congress due to personal "academic" issues. He also declared the Congress to be a "general success".

Closing Statement by Matthew Tonna.

Opinion poll by TVMelite

A poll was held by TVMelite targeting Melitian citizens for feedback on how many attended, contributed, or were absent to the Congress. The polling period lasted two days. Below is the table with the findings of the poll.

Opinion Poll by TVMelite on the 2022 Second Congress of the Christian Nationalist Party[e]
Polling Company Date Time Yes / Fully Active Yes / Somewhat Active Yes but did not contribute Yes but no time to contribute No / Congress uninteresting Don't Care I don't know Did not attend
TVMelite - Melite ONE 4 August 2022 12:48 CEST 2  –  –  –  – 1  – 2
15:02 CEST 3  –  –  –  – 1  – 2
19:20 CEST 4  –  –  –  – 1  – 3
6 August 2022 0:00 CEST 4  –  –  –  – 1  – 3

Gallery (in order of proceedings)



  1. The venues represent the citizen registration of the speakers.
  2. Greek name and word for Greece
  3. Called the First Greco-Turkish War in modern terms.
  4. known as Rafe Burfield within Melite.
  5. This cumulative frequency table counts the sum of the precedessor pollsters.


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