A. Tarquitius Buteo

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Aulus Tarquitius Buteo
Personal information
Born 25 June 1999 (1999-06-25) (age 24)
Visalia, California w:United States
Citizenship Republic of Nordale
Commonwealth of New Virginia
Nova Roma
Ethnicity Chicano
Residence Portland, Oregon
Home town Tulare, California
Profession Vocational archaeologist
Religion Esoteric Christianity

Aulus Tarquitius Buteo (born 25 June 1999 in Visalia, California) is a former micronationalist and notorious troll. Buteo formed their first micronation at the age of 11, the Draco Republic, sometime before 21 July 2010, for which a Wikipedia page was created and promptly deleted. Shortly after this date, they officially entered the micronational community, first through the YouTube sector, then the pre-schism MicroWiki. Originally a hardline secessionist, Buteo is also the primary theorist of the political theology of micronations.

Buteo is a generally controversial and contentious figure in the community, largely due to extended and dedicated campaigns of trolling, open avocation of political extremism, and as a youth, intermicronational warmongering. Notably, they were accused of leading a harassment and vandalism campaign as the leader of Nationia in 2011, which led to their public shaming and doxxing on the front page of MicroWiki. Buteo denies any involvement.

Despite such pariah status, Buteo has cultivated and maintained relationships with micronationalists such as Brooklyn Hewitt and Samuel Azehtyla. Along with Albina, they are a persona non grata in Adammia, and remain banned or an enemy-of-state in a number of inactive and de facto defunct MicroWiki sector nations such as the Kingdom of Emerald Isle, the Republic of Zeeland, and the Democratic Republic of Starland.

With Kennedy, they are the originator of the GANGSTA REPUBLIC meme. Buteo prefers they/them pronouns, but generally does not police their pronouns.

Early life

Buteo was born to a mixed-ethnicity family on 25 June 1999, in Visalia, California, the seat of Tulare County in the San Joaquin Valley. Buteo is the second-eldest of 4 siblings. They completed elementary and high school in Tulare, California. Early experiences in Tulare County, especially the Sequoia National Park and Kings Canyon National Parks, would have a lasting effect on their environmentalism and in their later research themes, especially the former Tulare Lake in nearby Kings County. Buteo was diagnosed with autism circa 2009.

Entrance into micronationalism

Buteo ostensibly entered the hobby sometime before 2010, however, outside the micronational community and largely without knowledge of micronationalism in general. A Wikipedia page was created 21 July 2010 for the Draco Republic. The entire page read:

Draco Republic is a Micronation started by a small group of teenagers, and has recentley [sic] claimed Marie Bryd's land on Antartica [sic] in order to profit it off and buy small islands, and start a line of small countrys, [sic] ruled by one center country.

Later, the Draco Republic was rebranded as the Communism of Draco upon reformation as a self-styled "communist state," allegedly based on the example of the Soviet Union and North Korea. This would represent the beginning of Buteo's general interest in extremist politics. Buteo's early career in micronationalism was marked by significant vandalism, threats, and declarations of intermicronational war. The early Draco Republic, before rebranding, engaged in intermicronational warfare with the Empire of Progle and the Federated Republics of Flatland, signing the Treaty of Egyptia with the latter in 2011.

Nationia and doxxing

In 2011, MicroWiki admin Gordon Freeman banned Buteo from MicroWiki, declaring them of being the national leader of Nationia. Petya d'Égtavie, then webmaster, placed (albeit censored) personal information of then 12-year-old Buteo on the front page, including legal name, middle school, parent's names, phone numbers, address, and a picture of their residence. Some of this information was partially censored. According to Buteo, they were unaware of the doxxing until Lord John Gordon, then of Preissland, contacted them on Facebook.

MicroWiki as it appeared in November 2011[2]

This ban was opposed by Burkland President Rachel Burklandssen. In the talk page exchange later had between the two users, Fish pointed out that the odds of Buteo coincidentally using the same proxy server as National are negligibly small and close to impossible. He also pointed out that the very first edits of the first user account were to remove information from the Nationia page and post a message on the talk page questioning the usefulness of the article only a few days after another surge of Nationia puppets vandalised the article. In addition, as pointed out by Jeremy Oakes and Gordon Freeman of the wiki, the MicroWiki Blocking Policy explicitly prohibits the creation of multiple accounts as well as the use of anonymous proxy servers.

To this day, (more than a decade as of 10 February 2022), Buteo denies ever having been Nationia, noting that using the same proxy server would have been impossible if their previous proxies had been banned.

Tsardom of Nolland

Buteo briefly stood for election in Nolland, first for the Dharma Party, then for the Nollandish Fascist Front, and finally for the break-away Nollandish Identitarian Front, which Buteo formed to combat the growing influence of Theodorism in Nolland, and in the words of Brooklyn Hewitt, "because [the Nollandish Fascist Front] wasn't fascist enough."

Logo of the Nollandish Identitarian Front, which rose to prominence in Nolland with its radical nationalism and stringent anti-Theodorism.


The GANGSTA REPUBLIC was formed as an obvious troll micronation in 2013, by both Buteo and Brooklyn Hewitt, then of Ashukovo. Neither of the pair took credit until 2019, long after any fall-out would have precipitated.

Later micronationalism

Buteo largely lost interest in micronationalism by 2015, nominally keeping citizenship for nations ran by friends, including Elizabeth Lewis, Brooklyn Hewitt, both long-time associates; Sophia Albina more recently.

Political career in New Virginia

Buteo stood in the by-election of 2020 for the constituency of Roanoke as an independent. Buteo received 7 votes, or 24.14%, losing to Sertor Valentinus.

2020 Roanoke elections
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
National Party (New Virginia) Sertor Valentinus 22 75.86
Independent A. Tarquitius Buteo 7 24.14
Majority 15 51.72
Turnout 29 87
NP win

Political career in Nordale

Buteo is a member of the Directorate of Nordale, though they remain largely inactive. They were elevated to the position of Citizen-Minister Brumaire 1, 229.


In 2019, as Realest O.G., Buteo reformed the GANGSTA REPUBLIC, which remains a micronational meme, however, without cofounder Brooklyn Hewitt. Their vocal opposition to the United States and its military as well as law enforcement, in addition to avowed support for violent confrontation, led to their banning from the original MicroWiki@Discord as well as MicroWiki, largely spearheaded by Sebastian Linden. Buteo maintains that their opinions were simply "not fashionable" before the George Floyd Protests of 2020, and that von Linden had leveraged Buteo's previous reputation for personal reasons (as Buteo had, shortly before, accused von Linden of prejudice against disabled people for their opposition to wheelchair ramps in historical buildings.) Linden also wiped a number of MicroWiki pages written by Buteo from the Wiki, commenting that they were low-quality articles. At least one editor other than Buteo countered that while they were non-serious, humorous, and at times, obvious attempts at trolling, they were not low-quality nor badly written (in contrast to the original GANGSTA REPUBLIC article, which was intentionally bad.) Further, Buteo accused Jonathan I and von Linden of allowing MicroWiki to be a breeding ground for far-right ideologues.

Why is this important, and why do I care so much? Mainly, because it is incredibly irresponsible of Jonathan and absolutely evil of Sebastian to allow this to be a breeding ground for the far-right. Micronationalism attracts a lot of kids and allows them a sort-of playground to explore politics. This is a good thing, however, not all political ideologies are created equal. When children begin experimenting with fascism and the far-right, it's outright dangerous. It's even more dangerous when people like Sebastian protect them from criticism from queer and non-white people, because they do not get the memo that these are hateful ideologies. I know this because micronationalism was largely my own foray into the far-right, and I do not want anyone else in the same vulnerable position to go as deeply into it as I did.

After this controversy, they largely left the mainstream micronational community for several years, while keeping contacts in Nordale, New Virginia, Shoreline, and New Richmond.

Political theology of micronations

The political theology of micronations, or micronational political theology, is a critical-micropatriological framework introduced by Buteo that, adopting theory from political theology, seeks to transcend classical distinctions of secessionism and simulationism, and ultimately, critique and destabilize the ontological separation between micronations and macronations. In short, the political theology of micronations analyzes the micronation as a civil religion, that is, an implicit system of symbols and practices, primarily concerned with the notion of sovereignty. The political theology of micronations can be sloganized as "putting the patriology [as study of God the Father] back into micropatriology."

Personal life

Buteo identifies as an individualist-anarchist, with significant tendencies towards Luddism, anti-civilizationism, and total liberation. In contrast to these currents, Buteo also cites the legacy of Christian anarchism (mainly Late Antique and medieval movements, such as the Adamites and the Heresy of the Free Spirit) as a lasting influence on their politics. Buteo moved away from and disavowed right-wing, reactionary politics as a teenager. From this perspective, Buteo has publicly disputed Zed's claims of being an anarcho-primitivist. Buteo's research interests include mystical theology, semiotics, and critical animal studies. Buteo has applied political theology to the theory of micronations.

List of micronations founded or led by Buteo

  • Draco Republic (established 2010)
  • Communism of Draco (established 2011)
  • New Germanic States (established 2011)
  • Runic Empire (established 2011)
  • Sovereign Chiefdom of Fleming (established 10/31/2012)
  • Empire of Maetheus (established 2013)
  • Kingdom of Kemet (established 2013)
  • Holy Kingdom of New Shakya (established 2013)
  • Non-territorial Dharmic Nation under Avalokiteshvara (established August 25, 2012)
  • Dharmic International Political Authority (established 2013)
  • Worker's Democratic Republic Under Freyja (established 2012)
  • Realm under Freyja (established 2013)
  • Freyjan Social Republic (established 2014)
  • Second Californian Republic (established 2013)
  • Kingdom of California (established 2013)
  • State of Hentai (established 2014)

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  1. GANGSTA REPUBLIC is always in caps.
  2. Information censored.