Abeldane federal election, July 2020

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July 2020 Abeldane federal election

← June 2020 28–29 July 2020 December 2020 →

12 of 14 seats in the Reichsversammlung
8 seats needed for a majority
Registered59 (Steady 0.0%)
Turnout64.4% ( 30.6 pp)
  First party Second party Third party
Leader Patrick Renwick Connor Stumperth Brandon Wu
Party National Royalists (Abelden) Confederals Liberty Front
Leader since 14 July 2020 10 July 2020 8 July 2020
Leader's seat 4th 1st 11th
Last election 35.1%[N 1] New 3 seats
Seats before 3 New 3 + 1
Seats won 6 + 1 4 2
Seat change 4 4 2
Popular vote 20 12 6
Percentage 52.6% 31.6% 15.8%
Swing 17,5 pp New 8.79 pp

Vorsitzender before election

Patrick Renwick
National Royalists

Vorsitzender after election

Patrick Renwick
National Royalists

The 22nd Abeldane federal election took place from 28 to 29 July 2020; 12 out of 14 seats in the Reichsversammlung, were up for election. It was the 10th legislative election in the Empire since the introduction of direct elections to the Reichsversammlung.

The election came only a month after the June election, 5 month ahead of schedule, due to the Concordiagate scandal which rocked the Empire and led to the dissolution of the 13th Reichsversammlung by Emperor Nicholas only a week after its opening.

The National Royalists (NRGU) sought to gain a majority in the Reichsversammlung after having held only 3 seats following the previous election. The Confederals (C) also sought to gain a majority after having emerged from the collapse of its predecessor, the Pirate League and Concordia during Concordiagate. Liberty Front stood to defend their 3 seats.

The election resulted in major gains for the National Royalists, who won 52.6% of the popular vote and 6 seats. The Confederals came second in the vote, with 31.6% and winning 4 seats. The Liberty Front suffered heavy losses, and won only 2 seats with 15.8% of the popular vote.


In the aftermath of the June 2020 election, which saw the Concordia Alliance, consisting of the Pirate League and Liberty Front, skyrocket in the results with a combined 65% of the vote, the Empire fell into a period without a government, as Vorsitzender Patrick Renwick immediately resigned.

Shortly thereafter, a deep-rooted conspiracy against Renwick and other prominent National Royalists, perpetrated by Stephen Freayth, Emperor Nicholas and the leadership of the Concordia Alliance came to light, known as Concordiagate. It became clear Freayth, who was head of the Reichswahlkommission, the federal electoral body, had rigged the election in favour of Concordia. These revelations plunged the empire into deep crisis, with the Concordia Alliance and Pirate League disintegrating, and prompting the Emperor to dissolve the newly constituted 13th Reichsversammlung and call new elections.

Electoral system

Members of the Reichsversammlung are divided into two: elected members and directly appointed members. Under the constitution, it provides two appointed seats in the Reichsversammlung. One seat is held ex officio by the Ervecysarich, at the time of the election Newton von Uberquie, and one seat is directly appointed by the Monarch and is called the Imperial Representative. The rest of the seats are directly elected through the election.

Party-list proportional representation system is used for the electable seats and the D'Hondt method is used for allocating seats to parties. Each parties get to submit a list of members who wish to be elected in the Reichsversammlung and must not exceed the total number of elected seats. Members under the party list are ordered accordingly at the discretion of the party and they have to belong to the same party as their party list.

Prior to the election, there were eleven electable seats, and the constitution allows the Monarch to reduce or increase the number of seats. Seats were last increased or diminished in July 2020, where the current 12+2 seats were implemented. Shortly following the results of the election, the 12th seat was retroactively added by imperial decree to be allocated by recounting the same results.


National Royalists


Liberty Front


The table below lists parties currently represented in the Reichsversammlung.

Name Ideologies Leader July 2020 result Seats as of
July 2020
Votes (%) Seats
NRGU National Royalists - The Green Union
Nationale Königstreue - Die Grüne
Royalism Patrick Renwick 52.6%
7 / 14
7 / 14
C Confederals
Confederalism Connor Stumperth 31.6%
4 / 14
4 / 14
LF Liberty Front
Front für Freiheit
Liberalism Brandon Wu 15.8%
2 / 14
2 / 14


7 1 2 4
National Royalists Ind. LF Confederals
Reichsversammlung – Turnout 64,4%
Party Votes % Swing
Seats Change
  National Royalists 20 52,6 +17,5 6 3
  Confederals 12 31,6 +31,6 4 4
  Liberty Front 6 15,8 -8,79 2 1
Total 38 100.00 12 1
Invalid/blank votes 0 0.0 0
Registered voters/turnout 38 64.4% -30.6
Source: Reichswahlkommission Official Report
Popular Vote
National Royalists
Liberty Front
Reichsversammlung Seats (Electable)
National Royalists
Liberty Front
Reichsversammlung Seats (Total)
National Royalists
Liberty Front


Previous MP Party Took office Elected MP Party Took office Seat #
Connor Stumperth Pirate League 4 February 2019 Connor Stumperth Confederals 4 February 2019 1
Andrew Irons Liberty Front 10 February 2020 Andrew Irons Liberty Front 10 February 2020 2
Ashley Jaax Pirate League 7 September 2019 Ashley Jaax Confederals 7 September 2019 3
Patrick Renwick National Royalists 12 October 2019 Patrick Renwick National Royalists 12 October 2019 4
Keenan Clough Pirate League 1 July 2020 Anthony Clark National Royalists 1 August 2020 5
Chase Nanatovich Pirate League 1 July 2020 Chase Nanatovich Confederals 1 July 2020 6
Nicolas Millan National Royalists 6 January 2019 Nicolas Millan National Royalists 6 January 2019 7
Newton von Uberquie National Royalists 1 July 2020 Michael Brazeau National Royalists 1 August 2020 8
Robert Dickson Liberty Front 8 July Matthew Matthew National Royalists 1 August 2020 9
Tarik Karjasari Pirate League 1 July 2020 Tarik Karjasari Confederals 1 July 2020 10
Brandon Wu Liberty Front 1 July 2020 Brandon Wu Liberty Front 1 July 2020 11
New New New Zabëlle Skye National Royalists 1 August 2020 12
James Frisch Liberty Front 1 July 2019 James Frisch Independent 1 July 2020 13
Stephen Freayth Independent 16 June 2018 Newton von Uberquie National Royalists 11 July 2018 14


The election is soon to be followed by an executive election, where a new Vorsitzender and Stellvertreter will be elected, determining the new government.

Opinion polls

Pollster Conducted Sample LF NRGU C Lead
Reichswahlkommission 26 July 2020 14 28.6 21.4 50 21.4
Reichswahlkommission 24-25 July 2020 10 30 30 40 10


  1. The percentage points shown here are the combined results of Green Royalists and National Union last election prior to their merger.