Abiean Civil War

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Abiean Civil War
Conflict: Abiean Civil War
Date: 14 June 2015 - 16 June 2015
Place: Former Republic of Abies, now Calverton, Pacem
Outcome: Rebel forces crushed.
Dictatorship formed.
Republic of Abies Kingdom of Shoplandia
General Nicholas Kaos Commander Meghan T
1 soldier, 1 attack dog 2 soldiers
0 1

The Abiean Civil War was a 2 day war consisting of two separate battles. It was a conflict started by Meghan T, the sister of the then president Nick Kaos, in order to gain independence for the declared state of the Kingdom of Shoplandia, a highly simulationist state based off the slightly popular American brand of collectibles called Shopkins. It was formed to oppose the dictatorship put in place by Nick Kaos in order to keep order in the highly erratic state. Meghan T. declared herself Queen, and claimed 30 squared meters of Abiean land. Nick Kaos took this as a means of aggression, and declared himself General of the Abiean Army and marched into the Shoplandian territory. There, the Battle of Con started. This combat was aided by Vice President Heidi T., as she also did not agree with the dictatorship put in place by Nick Kaos the day before. The battle caused the General to retreat to the Capital Province, which would one day become the capital state of Carnegi. There, two days later, General Kaos attacked the Shoplandian forces and retook the land in the State of Con. The dictatorship was officially put in place, and Nick became the sole leader of the government for the time being.