Socialist Federal Republic of Acadame North

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Academe North
Flag of Socialist Federal Republic of Acadame North
Motto: Free at last!
Anthem: Forward Flag of Glory!
File:Southern Canada
CapitalMatevgrad Administrative Zone
Official languagesSlovenian, English and French
LegislatureFederal Assembly, Chamber of Administrative Zones
Establishment25 June 1999
• Census

The Socialist Federal Republic of Acadame North (Slovene: Socialistična federativna Republika Acadame Severa) is a micronation bordering Canada to the east and west. Acadame North claims to have two administrative zones. It became a nation on June 25 1999.

General Information and Background

The Acadame North Government claims to be a sovereign independent nation. According to the official version, Acadame North’s origins are from the Acadame North Liberation Organization, with the goal of forming a Slavic, socialist state in North America.

Acadame North's climate is categorized as a ‘Humid continental climate' (warm summer subtype) with temperatures ranging from -2 degrees F to over 90 degrees throughout the year. Acadame North's main National holiday is June 25 or 'national liberation day.'


Acording to the 'official version' The Socialist Federal Republic of Acadame North was formally a federation of 4 states: Acadame North, South, East and West. However, these were reorganized into one state and one nation in 2003 during reforms the Socialist Federation of Koroska became the Socialist Federal Republic of Acadame North.

Acadame North changed its flag in 2006 after the Federal Executive Council voted for it to "better represent the nation". Also, its capital was renamed Matevgrad from Titograd in 2004. Acadame North's national anthem, 'Forward Flag of Glory', was adapted soon after independence and has been used ever since.

Government and politics

The head of state is chosen by the Presidium, which consists of some members of the Communist Party and FEC and only gathers at the end of the leader’s presidency. The Federal Executive Council (FEC) acts as a cabinet; its president is Prime Minister and de facto Head of Government. The legislative branch is the Federal Assembly, representing Administrative zones and social organizations. The current Head of State, M. Pconja, was founder of the Acadame North Liberation Organization.

National Assembly

The Constitution divides the Federal Assembly into two chambers: the Federal Chamber and the Chamber of Administrative Zones. Representatives are chosen from among delegates elected by organizations, such as communes, and institutions at the lowest level of the system, giving the chamber elements of a grass-roots constituency. Members of assemblies below the federal level are not eligible for the Federal Chamber. Voting in the Federal Chamber is by simple majority, and the chamber considers all issues to be within federal authority and have an impact on any local organization.


Academe North has a number of national symbols, including the pine tree as its national tree, 'Palachinka' as its national food and quartz as its national stone. National flower: The orchid


As with any micronation, the legitimacy of the Socialist Federal Republic of Acadame North is questionable. Acadame North maintains its real world goal of international recognition.