Act of the Kingdoms - 2022

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Imperial Parliament of Forestria
Territorial extentForestria and its Puppet states
Date passed5-20-2022
Date enacted5-17-2022
Enacted byMonarchy of Forestria and the Imperial Court
Date of Royal Assent5-17-2022
Date signed5-17-2022
Signed byElias I
Administered byLaw Enforcement of Forestria
Department of War
Bill published on5-20-2022

The Act of the Kingdoms - 2022 is a law that is going under Parliamentary review and vote.


The Act of the Kingdoms was first thought up during the second day of the 2022 Government Shutdown, a shutdown that is currently in force.


On the Order of the Emperor on this day, 5/17/2022, this Imperial Act of the Kingdoms is signed. Establishment of the Imperial Kingdoms inside the Empire.

Article One, Imperial Kingdoms

Imperial Kingdoms may now be established on the basis that:

  1. Imperial Kingdoms are autonomous territories
  2. They may be formed of the entity known as “states”
  3. States must have a population to be applicable as “Kingdoms”
  4. States must have a capital inside the main territory
  5. Territories that are not a part of the main territory may create their own states
  6. Imperial Kingdoms may be created from entities known as “provinces”
    1. All requirements listed above are also required to generate Imperial Kingdoms from “provinces”

This Article may be changed through amendments passed by the Parliament with ¾ majority vote from the states as well as from the Emperor and the Kingdom of Curia Ninjoa.

Article Two, Other Entities

Other entities may be created from “states.” Provinces may only create or establish the entities known as “Imperial Kingdoms.” Other entities that may be established from “states” are:

  1. Grand Duchies
  2. Imperial Cities
  3. City-States, or
  4. Republics
  5. The above stated entities have a lower amount of autonomy than “Imperial Kingdoms” but still have a high amount of autonomy
  6. They must have a population of 2 and a sustaining economy
  7. All territories part of that state become part of the newly established entity.

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