Adam Judge

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Adam Judge
Personal information
Born 15 May 2000 (2000-05-15) (age 23)
Hampshire, USA
Birth name Adam Judge
Citizenship United States
Political party None
Residence New Hampshire
Religion None

Adam Judge was a micronationalist who, at first with friends and later on his own, started and governed a few micronations within the American state of New Hampshire.

Early life

Adam Judge was born into a middle-class family on 15 May 2000. He began to develop an interest in micronationalism towards the end of 2013, around the time his parents began the process of divorce.

Micronational Political Career

After acquiring an interest in micronationalism at the age of 13, Adam Judge and a few of his friends established the Republic of Alamantia on 18 January 2014. He worked heavily on the project until roughly April 2014, when it became inactive.

In 2014, he worked on a few personal micronations which were less serious and had very little population, mostly as a means of experimenting with systems of government. None of these personal micronations lasted very long, and were relatively insignificant.

Personal life

Adam Judge currently attends a New Hampshire high school in 12th grade and alternates between living with his mother and father on a weekly basis. Some of his interests include computer science/engineering, politics and micronationalism, and linguistics. He is not officially affiliated with any religion.