Addison Dillon v. New Almendria

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Addison Dillon vs. New Almendria
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Hearing: 7 July 2020
Decided: 7 July 2020
Full case nameAddison Dillon vs. The People of New Almendria
RulingPremier Addison Dillon found guilty of indirect disturbance of peace.
Defendant stripped from role as Premier of Almendria.[1]
Court Membership
JudgeGrand Inquisitor
ProsecutorThe People of New Almendria
Prosecution AttorneyState Sec. William Vaux
DefendantPremier Addison Dillon
Defence AttorneyMr. Woland, of Smith & Assoc. Law

Addison Dillon v. the People of New Almendria, also known as Addison Dillon vs New Almendria and colloquially known as the 8-Ball Incident, was a significant court case in the early history of New Almendria. The court case had large repercussions that damaged the fledgling nation. The judge, Grand Inquisitor Sertor Valentinus, declared Addison Dillon, the defendant, guilty of indirect disturbance of peace.


7:40 PM UTC: Defense lawyer makes opening statement:

“We are on trial for a crime. However, this is not the crime you think that it is. The true crime is that our premier has been stripped of his rank, left defamed, and given a trial only now, with political forces attacking him at any turn. We aim to prove that Aydan did nothing wrong. He followed protocol, and the raider was Tizian. Yet, through psychological analysis, I shall SHOW the enemies, media monsters prying at this incident for every scrap they can get of notoriety. For all these reasons and more, we are proud to defend.”

7:44 PM UTC: Prosecution lawyer makes opening statement:

“We are the people of the federation of Almendria, we formed this nation on the principles of freedom without corruption. What has occured is an abuse of power, as the logs clearly show an alt of tizians was given premiership and on that note admin. We cannot stand for this level where our leaders are giving enemies leverage over us. We the almendrian people will find that although aydan did not nuke the server himself, he did enable it by giving power to Tizian.”

7:46 UTC: Defense lawyer calls Aydan Dillon, defendant, to testify.

7:54 UTC: Defense lawyer calls Audrey Broski,defamation expert, to testify.

7:58 UTC: Prosecution lawyer objects(Audrey Broski being defamed for their entire life).

(8:03 UTC: fight starts for reasons unclear)

8:09 UTC: Prosecution lawyer objects(Slander and defamation charges).

8:14 UTC: Defense lawyer calls Marak Omada, psychological expert, to testify.

8:32 UTC: Defense lawyer calls Donnie Darko to testify.

8:35 UTC: Prosecution lawyer objects(mob mentality).

8:44 UTC: Defense rests.

8:45 UTC: Prosecution asks for a recess(5 min.), Sertor V. approves at 8:46.

8:51 UTC: Court resumes.

8:52 UTC: defense lawyer says that they (the prosecutors) eat kids

8:53 UTC: Prosecution lawyer calls Chancellor Jamez to testify.

8:57 UTC: Defense lawyer objects, and asks prosecution lawyer to submit evidence of crime. Prosecution lawyer complies.

8:58 UTC: Defense lawyer objects(anxiety leading Aydan to provide Tizian with Premier role), overruled @ 9:00 UTC.

8:59 UTC: Defense lawyer motions to drop charge of defendant being the raider.

9:04 UTC: Defense lawyer objects(evidence in Spanish), rejected by Jamez @ 4:04 UTC. Sertor V. says that there was a mistake, and that evidence did not match up.

9:10 UTC: Sertor V. asks defense to proceed.

9:16 UTC: Defense lawyer requests that Jamez be “punished”.

9:17 UTC: Defendant asks Jamez to be removed from courtroom.

9:23 UTC: Defendant objects on behalf of defense lawyer.

9:23 UTC: Sertor V. asks witness (Jamez) to proceed.

9:24 UTC: Defence lawyer objects(“Our defamation point, and the fact my client didn't press it, is a piece of character testimony showing his benevolence.”)

9:27 UTC: State Sec. William calls StrikeKnight to testify.

9:33 UTC: Defense lawyer requests to move to closing statements after StrikeKnight testifies.

9:52 UTC: Defendant requests to move to closing statements after StrikeKnight testifies.

10:06 UTC: Sertor V. requests to move to closing statements.

10:10 UTC: Prosecution lawyer makes closing statement:

“It’s clear that Aydan had given Tizian’s alt admin with intent, the defense furthermore was focused on proving my other witness guilty. Aydan himself admitted to the crime in a screenshot, it should be obvious.”

10:24 UTC: Defense lawyer makes closing statement:

“To begin this statement, let me clarify. My client did not admit to it. In the statement, he merely claimed he was under trial for it, and in THE NEXT SENTENCE said he was innocent. This is a lie. Do not listen to it. I stand by what I've said before regarding this. We have shown through psychological analysis that our client, if he did commit the crime, did so under anxiety and pressure. Our political analysis shows why this pressure could have happened. Have my opponents done this? No! Their defense is fractured and their screenshots censored. Opponent Jamez is quick to claim that this is all lies, however I believe actions speak louder then words, and his actions have been continuously disruptive for court. Do not count them. Finally, I say this. If you believe he is innocent: great! If you have your doubts: still vote innocent. By prosecuting this man for a mistake, or something under pressure, we establish a precedent of using these excuses to take out our political rivals! Everyone has a few skeletons in their closet, and yours may be next. Hell, this screenshot proves that even your Grand Inquisitor may be at fault for a simple out of context screenshot! The slope is slipper. Earlier in the trial, my political witness spoke of how these infractions do not pass the test of democracy. I agree. I say, if it doesn't pass the test, we must protest. I repeat this: If it doesn't pass the test, we must protest. Today, with your guilty ballot, you are given a weapon! A weapon to protest! Do so, before you are next. Solzhenitsyn wrote that in the gulag, whenever a party official came, he would point as a prisoner and go "I was the one who sent you here!" Don't let New Almendria, who rose up AGAINST communism, be doomed to the same fate. Thank you.”

10:25 UTC: Jury convenes.

11:39 UTC: Aydan Dillon was found guilty of disturbance of the peace, and striped of his role as Premier of New Almendria.


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