Administrative divisions of Thulia

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Provinces and territories of Thulia
Also known as:
Thulias provinser och territorier (Swedish)
Ńotkóas rŕiobóáseŕ ý ńeŕŕóńioŕóeŕ (Thulian)
Tulimehzov prti (Delszaft)
CategoryUnitary state
Location Thulia
CreatedJune 2022
Number7 provinces
2 territories
PopulationsSmallest: 0 (The Bugatti)
Largest: 4 (Korskaay)
AreasSmallest: 0.000119 km² (Roineland)
Largest: 0.064 km² (Seahorse Territory)

The provinces and territories of the Republic of Thulia are the administrative units in Thulia. The provinces are governed by a governor and a vice governor, while the territories are not.



A province is a land area controlled by Thulia, with a permanent population and/or that lies within a 1 kilometre radius, with the Presidential office in the centre.


A territory is a land area claimed by Thulia that lies outside the 1 kilometre radius from the Presidential office. Territories does not have residents or a governor. Because there is no population and no governor, there is no people to complain to a governor. Therefore there is no need for one. However, a territory may have a overseer who sees over the territory and maintains it to some degree. The president of Thulia and the overseer control the territory together. If an overseer is absent, the territory is under full control of the president.


The insular provinces of Thulia in relation to each other:
Tortoise Island (left), Hackefälla (middle), Upper Backa (upper right corner).

List of provinces

Map Flag Name Abbreviation Establishment Governor (Roi) Vice governor Administrative
Population Area (km2)
File:Hackefälla 2023-08-25.png Hackefälla HF 4 July 2023 Fanten - - Unknown
(speculated to be 0)
Korskaay KK June 2022 Sigge (deceased) Tesla El castillo del gato 4 0.002624
Mornerkaay MK June 2022 Musti Ludwig (deceased) Presidential office 3 0.00356
New Greenland NG 4 August 2022 Eleanor Heinonen Alvin Hansson - 0 0.003794
- Tortoise Island TI 7 July 2023 - - - 0 0.0006
- Upper Backa UB 7 July 2023 - - - 0 0.0003
Roineland RL 13 June 2023 (Roine) - - Unknown 0.000119

List of territories

Map Flag Name Abbreviation Establishment Overseer Capital Population Area (km2)
Seahorse Territory ST 19 July 2023 - - 0 0.064
The Bugatti BN 25 August 2023 Ahmad Hishiah Bugattin 0 0.000128