Aidan Pierce

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Aidan Pierce
دان آلزآلیکهکار (Qardashi)
Dano Pierce (Esperanto)
3rd President of Bushistan
Assumed office
8 January 2023
Preceded byTJ Abell
Succeeded byUnknown
1st Vice President of Austranthium
In office
12 October 2021 – 26 October 2021
Preceded byPosition established
Succeeded byHimself as Prime Minister
1st Prime Minister of Austranthium
In office
26 October 2021 – 15 January 2022
KingCharles Chalybe
Preceded byHimself as Vice President
Succeeded byCharles I
1st Wafi of New Moscow
Personal details
Political partyNational Republican Party

Aidan Pierce is a Bushistani-Qardashi politician who has served as the President of Bushistan during several periods. He also serves as the Prince of Bushia and the Prince of Lateritia. He leads Bushistan's National Republican party. Pierce is mostly active in Bushistan, Qardasha, and Ela'r'oech

Pierce initially gained prominence after helping to found Bushistan. Recognized as a founder, he would be elected to the position of President numerous times. He would eventually go into talks with Bryce Smith of Serramwen to make Bushistan a territory of the nation. These talks, however, would lead to the signing of a treaty that Bushistanis - including Pierce himself - would regret. They would establish a breakaway state which has since gained mainstream support from those in generally all corners of the political spectrum.

Eventually, in 2022, Smith would return to Bushistan to re-establish the treaty. Pierce then gave Smith the ownership of the discord server, leading to most citizens leaving. The resulting server would become horribly inactive with only five human members. The republicans of Bushistan would re-establish a breakaway again that Pierce would become a prominent member in.

In late 2022, the Republic of Bushistan and the Kingdom of Bushistan would both grow horribly inactive. Charles Madgett, a citizen whom was known in the Bushistani community mostly for serving as their fourth president and being the Emperor of Ela'r'oech. He would provide solutions to bring activity to both servers. His solutions for the Republican breakaway included making himself President once again or leader in some regard. His solution for the Kingdom was to simply invite more people. A solution he had which could benefit both would be for Smith to step down as King and allow Madgett himself to take the title, which the republicans had established they would prefer than Smith.

It was stated by Pierce in the discussions Madgett had between members of both servers that he would not mind Bushistan becoming an Elarian colony, mostly because he was already a prominent and active member in the server and a notable citizen for his contributions to it's culture.

Aidan Pierce is known as Dan ul-Zokilehkar in Qarasha, and he is a member of the nobility. He considers both Bushistan and Qardasha to be his home nations.


Pierce holds influence mostly in the North Carolina Sector while also being a prominent citizen of states in the Bayou Sector. He holds citizenship or influence in the following.