Aidyn I, King of Krussia

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Aidyn I
King of Krussia
Reign 8 June 2021 - present
Coronation 8 December 2020
Predecessor Monarchy established
Successor Incumbent
Crown Prince Ryan, Crown Prince of Krussia
Spouse None
Full name
Aidyn Korolevskiy
House Korolevskiy
Father Ryan Bratt
Born 27 August 2005 (2005-08-27) (age 17)
Dixon, Illinois, United States of America
Religion Roman Catholic

Aidyn I is the King of Krussia since 8 June 2021. He holds no other title because Krussian Law says "The Monarchs shall only use one title, and that is the King of the Kingdom of Krussia".