Air Chief Marshal (Vishwamitra)

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Air Chief Marshal
Air Chief Marshal sleeve insignia
Country Vishwamitra
Service branch Royal Vishwamitran Air Force
NATO rank codeOF-9
Formation13 May 2018
Abolished12 July 2022
Next higher rankMarshal of the Royal Air Force
Next lower rankAir Marshal
Equivalent ranks

Air Chief Marshal (Hindi: एयर चीफ मार्शल), abbreviated as ACM was the highest rank achievable by serving officers of the Royal Vishwamitran Air Force, the aerial warfare forces of the Vishwamitran Armed Forces and the second highest rank in the entire paygrade structure which was officially created following the establishment of the armed forces in 2018. A four-star rank with NATO code OF-9, it was equivalent to a General in the Royal Vishwamitran Army or an Admiral in the Royal Vishwamitran Navy and ranked below the Marshal of the Royal Air Force and above an Air Marshal. An Air Chief Marshal's insignia consisted of eagle over a wreath topped by the Sovereign's crown.

The second highest rank of Air Chief Marshal was created on the 13th May 2018 by President Anoushkaa Patranabish on the eve of the constitutional coup of 14 May 2018 and later assumed the rank herself. She remained the sole Air Chief Marshal in the Air Force until the appointment of Tanishkaa Patranabish to the rank in April 2021.

The professional head of the Air Force, the Chief of the Air Staff, was the only individual within the Air force with the rank of Air Chief Marshal. The rank of Air Chief Marshal in the Royal Vishwamitran Air Force is the highest conferrable paygrade rank to which honorary appointments are made.

Since the dissolution of the Royal Vishwamitran Air Force in July 2022, the rank of air chief marshal ceased to exist, and the existing air chief marshals were appointed to the rank of generals in the Royal Vishwamitran Army.

Insignia of rank

The rank insignia of an Air Chief Marshal in the Royal Vishwamitran Air Force comprised of an eagle over a wreath topped by the Sovereign's crown.

List of rank holders

All appointees ceased to hold the rank upon the dissolution of the royal air force in July 2022.

No. Name Lifespan Date of appointment Notes
1 Anoushkaa Patranabish, Rajpramukh of Basistha 2010–present 14 May 2018
2 Tanishkaa Patranabish, Rajpramukh of Beltola 2004–present 17 April 2021
3 Abrams Wiucki-Dunswed 2006 – present 18 June 2021 First active appointment. Commander of the Air Force and Chief of the Defence Staff (in 2021). Retired on 24 August 2021.
4 Anirban Phatowali, Rajpramukh of Kamrupa 2009–present 3 August 2021
King Albert of Queensland 2003–present 3 August 2021 Honorary appointment.
5 Matthew Griffin 2003–present 24 August 2021 Chief of the Air Staff (2021–2022). Promoted to marshal of the air force in 2022.

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