Air Training Corps (Wellmoore)

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Air Training Corps
Corpo de Treinamento Aéreo
Founded29 August 2021
Country Kingdom of Wellmoore
AllegianceKing Luke of Wellmoore
Branch Royal Wellmoorean Air Force
RoleTroop Training
Size1 Squadron
Anniversaries29 August
Commander-in-ChiefLuke of Wellmoore
Commanding OfficerNone Appointed
Corps Warrant OfficerNone Appointed

The Air Training Corps (ATC) is a branch of The Royal Wellmoorean Air Force that are responsible for the military training of the RWAF.


The ATC was founded on 29 August 2021 as a branch of the RWAF.



Career Pathways

An ATC Officer would usually start their career in one of two roles: Learning Development Officer (LDO) or an Instructor at the Airman Training Depot. Later careers may include Air Force School of Education Instructor.

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