Albert Henri Žinga

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Albert Henry Jinga
Албєрт Хєнри Жинга

Albert Henry Jinga as Marshal of the Ground Force
Prime Minister of Snagov
Assumed office:
18 June 2021
President Ștefan Marius Snagoveanu
Vice President David Robert Mihnevici
Personal Information
Born 12 October 2004 (2004-10-12) (age 18)
Citizenship  Snagov
Nationality Snagov Snagovian
Ethnicity Snagovian ethnic flag.svg Snagovian
Political party Snagovian Worker's Party
Relations Rareș Ivan Vasile (cousin)
Residence Siliștea
Religion Eastern Orthodox Christianity
Military service
Nickname(s) A.J
Allegiance  Snagov
Service/branch Flag of the Snagovian People's Army Ground Force.svg Snagovian People's Army Ground Force
In service 2020 – present
Rank Marshal - Snagov (Ground).svg Marshal

Albert Henry Jinga (Snagovian: Албєрт Хєнри Жинга) (born 12 October 2004) is a Snagovian activist and political figure. He has been serving as the Prime Minister of Snagov since 18 June 2021.

Early life

Jinga was born into an ethnic Snagovian family, on 12 October 2004, in the village of Silištea. He is a childhood friend of Ștefan Marius Snagoveanu, the current President of Snagov. As a child, he attended the local kindergarten and middle school. Currently, Jinga is a student at Snagov's lone high school, in Dobroșești. He is cousins with Rareș Ivan Vasile.