Alexei Svoki

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Alexei Svoki
President of the State Security Committee
In office
23 June 2022 – ???
Preceded byFunction created
Succeeded by???
Justice Ministry of Montimont
In office
12 July 2022 – ???
Preceded byFunction created
Succeeded by???
Member of the Politburo
In office
10 July 2022 – ???
Personal details
Born25 April 2007 (2007-04-25) (age 15)
Nationalityw:French (2007-2022)

Communist (since 2022)
Political partyCommunist Party of Montimont (Since 2021)

Alexei Svoki, born 25 April 2007, is a Communist politician, member of the Communist Party of Montimont. He is also the main leader of the SSC (State Security Committee).He is also one of the great friends of the general secretary Alexandre Cherbinat

The beginnings

In 2021 he decides to help his childhood friend Alexandre Cherbinat create a new party and a new regime, he will be by these side throughout the campaign and he will speak out a lot.

To thank him for this great loyalty, Alexandre Cherbinat decides to name him president of the SSC temporarily and then definitively.

At the head of the SSC

Since 23 June 2022 Alexei Svoki and the leader of the SSC the Communist secret service he has been fighting a heavy fight against traitors to the regime and made by his discovery to his friend Alexandre Cherbinat

Distinction and honor

Thanks to this great loyalty to the party and the regime and this great loyalty he was elected to the two greatest distinctions in the country:

- Hero of the Communist Republic of Montimont on 12 August 2022 for his loyalty to the Party since its inception.

-Hero of Communist Labor on 12 July 2022 for For his exceptional work within the SSC.