Alfie Lait

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Alfie Lait is a former Daltonese politician and Daltonese nationalist. He left Dalton in Early-Mid 2012 and his citizenship has since been revoked. He has lost all contact with th Daltonese government.

Alfie Lait

Алфи Лайт
Alfie shooting a Crossbow.
Prime Minister of Dalton
Assumed office
December 10th 2011
Predecessor Office established
Successor Incumbent
Assumed office
7th January 2012 - 11th March 2012
Personal information
Born c. 2003
United Kingdom
Birth name Alfred Herrington Lait
Citizenship New Canada, UK
Nationality Daltonese, English
Ethnicity Caucasian
Military service
Allegiance The Daltonese Military
In service 2012
Rank General
Commands The Daltonese Military
Battles/wars The Battle of Murr
Alfie's position on the Political Compass

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New Canada COA.png

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