Algardian Republic

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Algardian Republic
República Algardiana
Flag of Algardian Republic
Coat of Arms of Algardian Republic
Coat of Arms
Motto: Inteligência, Obediência, Sabedoria
Intelligence, Obedience, Wisdom
Official languagesPortuguese
Recognised national languagesEnglish
GovernmentUnitary Parliamentary Republic under a Provisional Government
• President
Kyle of Algard
Chamber of Deputies
• Founded
7 July 2022
• 2022 estimate
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy

Algard, officially known as the Algardian Republic, is a European micronation founded in July 2022 as a Parliamentary Republic.


Foundation Era (7 July 2022 - Present)

Algard was founded on 7 July 2022 by the first President, Kyle of Algard. It has been a parliamentary republic since its foundation but is under a provisional government to help aid the development of the republic and to ensure its success and development in government.

Government and Politics

The republic functions as a parliamentary republic modelled somewhat after the Westminster system. The national parliament is made up of the Senate and Chamber of Deputies. The Senate is appointed mostly by the President and with some members being appointed by the Prime Minister. The Chamber of Deputies is elected by the citizens of Algard.

Presidency and Parliament

The Head of State, the President of Algard, is elected by Parliament with the first round of voting occurring in the Chamber of Deputies to narrow it down to two candidates who are then voted on by the Senate. After election the President then appoints the Prime Minister, the Head of Government, who is typically the Member of Parliament that wields the most confidence in the Chamber of Deputies.


Legislation is passed by the Parliament of Algard but does not have the force of law unless the President grants their assent to that law. The right to withhold assent is absolute and cannot be overridden by Parliament.


National defence is something overseen by the Ministry of Defence. The Ministry of Defence is responsible for the raising and management of any national armed forces as well as any state-backed police forces.

Armed Forces

The Armed Forces of Algard is the chief defence forces of the republic. Each branch of the armed forces take on a specialist role in operations to defend and serve the nation. The primary branch is the Defence Force.


Algardian culture is similar to that of Western Culture. Music and media both contribute largely to national culture.

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