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Flag of Algasia
Coat of arms of Algasia
Coat of arms
Motto: Semper Liber'
Always Free)
Anthem: Reignite
and largest city
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentFederal Republic
• Vice-President
George Kidd
• President
Aidan Hogg
LegislatureNational Parliament
• (as of 2013 census) census
CurrencyAlgasian Realé, Great British Pound
Time zone(UTC)

Algasia is a micronation founded during December 2013. It is a serious attempt at becoming a recognised nation and of secession. Algasia is a Federal Republic and fully values; Human Rights; Equality and the power of the people.


Algasia has a had a short time in the Micronational Community but has spent considerable time creating internal systems and ensuring it's day to day running is as smooth as can be.

Important dates:
16 April 2014 - Consitution Day (from here the anniversary of the implementation of our constiution)

Government and politics

The Algasian Government is a "Constitutional Federal Republic". As defined by the constitution every department or office is in one of three branches: Adjudicative, ''Legislative and Executive. This splits the powers of the nation up in an attempt to avoid a scenario in which one individual holds all the powers.

We have the Regional Council, this is how the regions are represented.
We have the National Government. The president is the head of the National Government and the executive powers of the state lie with the National Government.
We have the National Parliament, they hold the legislative power. They are publicly elected citizens. The regional councsil must be informed of any new bills and have the right to be heard as part of the National Parliament.

There are within the National Government seven divisions: Foreign Policy, Law & Order, Economy, Tax & Revenue, Public Services, Welfare Services and finally the Presidential Office

Law and order

The Adjudicative Power is vested in independent courts. Judges are elected by citizens.
There are National Courts who have the juristdiction of review and any other issues assigned to it by law. Finally there is the Supreme Court who handles inter-regional disputes, challenges of a national or regional entity, a court in the course of its determination, a one-third of MPs against the constitutionality of a law, popular complaints about the violation of fundamental rights, challenges of a state power by the ombudsmen, cases on appeal from the National Courts.

Foreign relations

Algasia is quite protective of offering mutual recognition or alliances if it is believed it would hinder the objectives of secession and independence. It currently has no official treaties, recognition's or alliances.


The Algasian Armed Forces is split into; Army, Navy, Air-Force, National Guard, Special Forces. The President is Command in Chief of the Armed Forces. All citizens are required to serve two years in National Service. The National Service program is not limited however to the Armed forces and the law is very relaxed.


The Algasian Economy is struggling in its early years but with government incentive and assistance it is pushing to develop its agriculture and technological industries.


Algasia is constantly developing its culture. Its primary language is English. There are plans to develop National Dishes, Sports, and Dress.


Algasia currently does not have any press services other than information published on the National Government Website:, however the government has setup proposals and infrastructure but is looking for an organisation or citizens to take it up as a non-profit public service for the first ever new service, similar to the way that the British Broadcasting Company Works.

Please note this page is still under construction